How To Make Money With Laptop | How To Escape Poverty In 10 Easy Ways With Laptop and Internet

How To Make Money With Laptop

How To Make Money With Laptop – Money is not scare. There is so much money sitting in the bank vaults. You just have to convince those who own those monies to give it to you by creating online goods and services they are willing to exchange for their money.

How To Make Money With Laptop

Are you complaining about the poor economy of your country?, Are you an employee earning very low more than your expenses?. It is time to change from being poor to rich. All you need is your ability to think, get valuable ideas that can generate money for you. Below are How to Make Money With Laptop (Phone and other internet gadgets)

1. Create a YouTube Page. Monetize It upload videos daily.


2. Create a Fiverr Profile and sell a service.

3. Create an amazing seller account. Find a niche market amid carter to them.

4. Start a blog. Write about topical issues. Grow your traffic. Then sell ad spaces on your blog(the Linda Ikeji wealth model)

5. Find survey sites that pays you to take survey and become a paid survey taker.


6. Create a quora profile and become a professional question asker (you may be surprise at how much you will be paid to ask useless questions)

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7. Start a podcast. Grow your audience. Monetize it.

8. Acquire Search Engine Optimization SEO skill online and become a paid SEO agent. Use your social media profile to advertise your services

9. Write an eBook for amazon and be paid for every download.

10. Review musicians and artists for a free on sites like slice the dot com and several other music review site.

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Conclusion. With above ten headlines, you can become boss of your self. You can get enough money to give to other people around you. Just pick one and start now. Your life will never remain the same.

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