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How to Earn Money on Fiverr

How to Earn Money on Fiverr – Fiverr is currently the most popular freelance service site. This platform gives an opportunity for entrepreneurs to use their potentials to earn. Try Fiverr if you are looking for a freelance service marketplace today.

Fiverr offers services for as low as $5 and this gives them an edge in the marketplace. There are two (2) categories of people you would find on this website and they are;

Sellers and

  • Sellers are those who render services for earnings
  • Buyers are the purchasers who come to the service providers to help meet their needs.

On you can find almost every service you need. Fiverr has over 3 million services in it. I promise this isn’t a scam. You can choose to either be a seller or a buyer. It’s a great marketplace for entrepreneurs trying to go global.

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How Does Fiverr Works

Here is how Fiverr works;

  • Sellers search for Gigs (services)
  • And buyers purchase the gig most suitable and attractive to them
How to Earn Money on Fiverr
  • Open a Fiverr account.
  • Create Gigs for the services you render.
  • Create your Gig image.
  • Add a convincing description to your Gig.
  • Add Keywords/Tags.
  • Video-fly your Gigs.
Fiverr Packages
  • Basic
  • Standard and
  • Premium
How To Get Paid on Fiverr

For every service, you render a little cut of $1 is taken from $5. This is very favorable to buyers and I think you should embrace this opportunity at once.

You get your money in two ways;

  1. Fiverr Revenue Card
  2. PayPal Account

Fiverr is free to join except you decide to upgrade to Fiverr Pro

What is Fiverr Pro

This is a special platform initiated by to help buyers connect with a specific group of professional freelancer.

How to Order On Fiverr

Ordering on this platform is for buyers who are interested in your services and want to buy them. Here is how it is done;

  1. Visit the official page on
  2. Use the search menu to locate your targeted marketplace.
  3. Click on the Gig thumbnail you desire to order.
  4. Go through the service description you want to order.
  5. To order, click “Proceed”.
  6. Click “Order Now” after you’ve carefully reviewed your order.

Note – Your buyer can ask for a revision after delivery. This is a modification of the service render. And also, you can have a convenient chat with your buyer or seller. Sometimes depending on what the buyers want, the seller has to send an offer to the buyer. Reason being that the buyer may want what isn’t exactly in the seller’s package. This is where negotiation takes place in the marketplace.


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