Guides On How To Use Stepworkstime and Earn Money Into Your Account Daily

Guides On How To Use Stepworkstime

Guides On How To Use Stepworkstime – This page clearly explain how to use stepworkstime very well, avoid mistakes and earn cool money directly into your bank account. Read carefully and ask questions where you get confuse.

Guides On How To Use Stepworkstime

How to Register on Stepworkstime

You can register through browser or by downloading the app.

🔹To Register;

  • On getting to the page, click register or if you download the app, after downloading and installing the app on your phone, open the app Click on register.
  • Enter Your Phone number,
  • Type your password and confirm by typing it again,
    Type the invitation code:
  • The Invitation code is 418847
  • Login with your password and phone number.


How To Upgrade Your VIP


🔹To upgrade to another Vip;

Click on VIP to check the one you want to pay for, after checking just click on the desired VIP and click confirm.



  • On your registration, you will be automatically be on VIP 0
  • The higher your VIP the more money you earn on daily basis.


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How To Fund Your Stepworkstime Wallet


🔹To Fund Your Wallet;

  • Click on Deposit
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Choose online payment if you have your Atm card with you or choose bank card transfer if online is not available or if you are not comfortable with it .
  • If you choose bank transfer, just copy the account number provided, pay through Ussd code, pos or bank app.
  • Snap or Screenshot the evidence of payment and upload it.


How To Earn Money Daily On Stepworkstime


🔹To Earn Commission;

  • Click on“Task”
  • Click “auto process” to like Facebook post and earn your money.

How To Withdraw From Stepworkstime

🔹To Withdraw;

  • Click on withdraw
  • Enter withdrawal amount
  • Choose your saved bank to receive payment
  • Enter your withdrawal code

Payment Proof From Stepworkstime



How To Update Your Bank Information

🔹To Update Your Information;

  • Click on profile
  • Click on personal information
  • Click on bank card
  • Fill in your account number, bank name and bank and save.


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How To Set Withdrawal Code On Stepworkstime

🔹To Set Withdrawal Code;

  • Click on wallet
  • Click on set withdrawal password
  • Fill all the form with sincerity
  • Click on set withdraw.



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