Lovers Blocked Me On Facebook App – Download Lovers Blocked Me On Facebook App

Lovers Blocked Me On Facebook App

Lovers Blocked Me On Facebook App – You can block your Facebook friends from seeing your posts, sending out messages to you and even viewing your profile. Blocking an individual is a powerful feature Facebook added to enable users separate real friends from unwanted ones, blocking obstruct all interaction between the two users hence blocking is just like unfriending.


Lovers Blocked Me On Facebook App

When you are blocked on Facebook, it does not notify you that your friend or lovers just blocked you, the only thing that happens is that you stop seeing the person’s post, your messages to the person won’t deliver and you won’t be able to access the person’s profile.

But all these will also occurs if the individual deactivates or deletes his/her Facebook account. So this article will let you discover those that actually blocked you from their friend’s list and differentiate it from those that deleted or deactivated their account.

The first thing to note is that when someone unfriends you on Facebook, you would still be able view the person’s profile compare to when some block you or delete his/her account, here you won’t be able to view his/her profile.

To differentiate between who blocked and who deleted you, here are the methods to use;

Search the individual’s name on Facebook, if the result of the search does not show you the person’s account, then try check out the person from a mutual friend, if you still don’t get him/her, then it is possible the person has deleted his/her account or he/she has blocked you.

You are still not certain if you’ve being blocked or not, the second method involves going to your previous message with the individual, if the profile photo showed is the default Facebook photo and the name is bold and can’t be clicked to view profile, then try send a message, if it was returned then it is most likely the person has blocked you on Facebook.


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Another method is that try to report his/her conversation in your chat as spam. On the message you wish to report, click the option button and select report as spam/abuse, another tab open to ask for reasons, simply select “Record several participants in the discussion for harassment or dangers, or to have actually a jeopardized account” and click okay. If the result shows operation banned, then it is confirmed, you have being blocked.

Another means to discover whether you have being blocked is use a site, this should be used when you have no background chat with such individual. But you have to know the person’s username, which can be known by searching for the person on Google, “name+surname+facebook”.

This will show the person’s account but you cannot enter because of the reasons you want to find out, from the link, the last part after the Facebook link is the person’s username, copy it and paste it in front of and then send.

If the result shows the person’s Facebook details, that means the person is still on Facebook and have not deleted his/her account, which also means you have being blocked.


With any of the above methods, I hope you have discovered those that blocked you and those that deleted their account.



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