How to Use Photo Lab Multi Photo Frames To Edit And Make Your Pictures Look Great

How to Use Photo Lab Multi Photo Frames

How to Use Photo Lab Multi Photo Frames – Photo Lab is an easy, quick and fun photo editor. You don’t need to be a Photoshop ninja to make any photo funny and any portrait beautiful.


How to Use Photo Lab Multi Photo Frames

Enhance your photos with over 520 beautiful frames, filters or montages. Just pick a filter, frame or montage to use, then choose which image to process, and that’s it. Photo Lab will do all the hard work to let you sit back, relax and get all the honor.


You can use photo montages to get your portrait on a vintage postcard or a birthday cake,

With Photo Lab, you can use amazing frames to surround a picture with fantastic landscapes, lifelike scenes or cute cartoon characters,

You can make your picture look like Iron Man, Darth Vader or Mona Lisa with it’s face in hole effects,

Photo Lab has photo collages to combine together dozens and hundreds of pictures,


With photo filters you can add a happy or nostalgic mood to pictures,


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You can make yourself an icon of Playboy or Vogue or put yourself on the cover of Forbes with Photo Lab’s magazine covers,

There are still many other photo effects such as head wear, celebrity collages, monsters and more.

Features Of Photo Lab

  • Over 570 photo effects – you will find a way to enhance any photo
  • Different template styles that will suit the tastes of any photographer
  • Anyone can make use of it, because effects are applied fully automatically
  • Intuitive interface you are sure to love
  • With Photo Lab you can save the resulting photos and share them easily

Almost a dozen of new photo frames and effects is added with each update. It maintains a fruitful dialogue with it’s users. If there is a particular photo effect that you are looking for and you didn’t find it in the library, kindly contact the team and you might see it in the next update.

Photo Lab will change your life forever!*

Photo Lab may or may not change your life but you are totally going to love it!

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