How to Report Facebook Fraud | Facebook Profile Impersonation

How to Report Facebook Fraud

How to Report Facebook Fraud – Facebook’s security team has taken your safety and convenience into account by making it very easy to report fraud on any account when detected. Also, you can decide to prevent your Facebook account but it is imperative you report any malicious act by the Facebook fraudsters

Facebook Fraud

Facebook Fraud constitute form of deceit or trickery, scam and when carried out online through the Facebook social media, the Facebook site’s administrators encourage you to report fraudulent activities. Facebook offers a method to report abuse violations, including security issues and compromised accounts, abusive content, fake profiles and other sensitive issues.

The easiest way to report Facebook fraud is listed below;

  • Reporting a Fraudulent Page

1. Login to your Facebook account.


2. Click the “Actions” tab in the top-right corner of the page. This tab features an image of a tiny gear.
3. Select the “Report / Block” option from the subsequent drop-down menu. In addition to reporting the page to Facebook’s security team, this will automatically block it from your account.

4. Click “Yes” when asked for confirmation.

  • Reporting a Suspicious Message

1. Click the “Actions” tab found at the top of the page after logging in your account.
2. Select the “Report as spam” or “Report conversation” options from the drop-down menu. Your decision ultimately depends on the overall nature of the message.
3. Click “Yes” when asked for confirmation.

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  • Reporting a Fraudulent Advertisement

1. Visit the “Interacting with Ads” page found in the Facebook Help Center.
2. Click the option that reads: “How do I report an ad I see on Facebook?” You will now be presented will a drop-down description of what constitutes a suspicious Facebook ad.
3. Click the link labeled “this form” found in the drop-down description.
4. Answer the questions found on the form. After completing the form, click the “Send” button to finish your report.

  • Report Abusive Comment or Post and Impersonation
  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Locate the abusive content, such as a profile, photo or message.
  3. Look for a link or option labeled “Report.” For pictures, the link is labeled as “Report This Photo.” To a report a message,
  4. Click the “Actions” button and
  5. Then select the “Report/Block User” link. On a profile, it is listed as “Report/Block This Person.”

Follow the steps on the pop-up dialog box and enter all appropriate information.

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