How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle

How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle

How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle – There are some tips and tricks about how to meet Omegle girls only. We are going to tell you how to talk with only female strangers on Omegle in this article. Our team hope that you are going to find solution you question with this article.

How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle

You will also get same success too with the tips below. You can also read some success stories in comments since they are a good proof. We should also remind you that our tips will increase your chance. There is not any 100 percent chance for chat with only girls on Omegle.



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Well, you should always remember that you want to speak with Omegle girls only and you are man. So you should ask yourself “what did you like on Facebook“. Generally manly stuffs. Some beautiful actresses, beautiful women, sport teams and such… While you added such stuffs as interests in your Facebook account, do you really believe that girls can add manly things like you? The answer is no. So how come you expect to meet with Omegle girls only? It’s hilarious, because you can not…

You can also take a look at alternative platforms: Alternatives Random

Chat Sites with More Girls

We are going to tell you how to speak only women. There will be some chat logs and some keyword tips. You are going to find out many good tips for talk to only female strangers. You can also use similar strategies for your mobile devices too. It will help you to find out some key stuffs for your Android and iPhone devices. If you are using any other phone, you can use our strategies on mobile Omegle. You can also ask us if you have any questions about how to to meet Omegle girls only.

How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle

You can find our tips for meet Omegle girls only below. There is a detailed information about usage of both Omegle and Facebook:


First of all Go to talk strangers and then go to Facebook. Create a new account for yourself on Facebook. You will certainly need a new Facebook account for this. If you use your current account, things completely will be a mess for you because you will generally use likes which won’t be relevant with your goals. We also provided some actor names for you below at the keyword section.

Scroll/swipe down and copy some of these names.

This is the summary for how to chat with only girls on Omegle:

Create a new Facebook account. We don’t recommend old accounts because there can be many page likes there.
Check a girl profile and like similar pages with her. We also recommend you to check recommended Facebook page likes below.

Go to

Mark “Add my Facebook likes as topics.”

Click on Text or Video Chat button.

Finally begin to talk to female strangers.

Find Girls on Omegle – Step by Step with Pictures

Make a new Facebook account.


Check a girl profile or use the Facebook Page Suggestions below to use some tags to talk with girls on Omegle. We will add our own suggestions to the example picture.

Facebook Page Likes for Chat with Girls on Omegle

  • Go to
  • Go to Main Website of Omegle
  •  Now enable Facebook likes to chat with Omegle girls.
How to Chat with Only Girls on Omegle – Enable Facebook Likes to Chat with Omegle Girls
  1. Click on video chat or text chat to talk to girls.
  2. Click on Video Chat to Begin to Talk Female Strangers
  3. Facebook Page Like Suggestions for Talk to Girls on Omegle

You can also like Facebook pages of these people and organizations below:

Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Goodful, Philip DeFranco, Pixie Cove, Charlie Day Quotes, Music on Facebook, Twisted, Hans Zimmer, Game of Thrones, Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, etc. Find more Facebook pages which generally females like. These will help you to meet Omegle girls.

Then open the website in a tab on your browser and enable Facebook likes and allow Omegle to reach your account. Finally begin to chat on video chat or text chat. This will increase your chance to meet with females on the website but if you add more page likes that will be more effective for you.

Reminder: You need a new Facebook account for this or a Facebook account which you haven’t liked any pages before. You can also check one of our users experiences at comments who has a name as Niddir. Because he had described well how he met women on Omegle.

How to Search Omegle Girls without Using Facebook

The video will help you to how to filter gender on the site. You will able to use gender filter with manual interests but it’s not in 100% success rate. So you shouldn’t expect much from this. We recommend you to use Facebook first.


Actually quite easy. Just disable your Facebook interests in the main page of Omegle and begin to search on Internet. If you would like to talk with only girls, it will worth it because it is hard to talk to opposite gender on websites nowadays. Learn a few handsome guys name which girls really adore them and add them to your interests on Omegle. (Not Facebook though, if you want to add through Facebook, you can also take a look at our tips above.) It is because young girls have generally such likes.

You can also discover many other interests about them. Don’t forget to separate names with commas. You can even add cosmetic company names if you will prefer to talk on video chat. Otherwise people may think that you are a girl on text chat. After you got enough interests for Omegle, begin to chat on Video. (or text) Finally you will start begin to get only women on Omegle. It is the best way to find girls on the site and it seems like other methods don’t work well.

Keyword Tips For Only Girls on Omegle and Gender Filter

If you want to get only girls from Omegle, You can try these keyword tips for Omegle Interests :

Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney

Please be creative about keyword tips because you can add more interests if you think wisely on that. So you will able to get much better results for meet Omegle girls only. You can also think about what girls like or check their Facebook profiles and see their likes.


If you want teens you can just add:

Justin Bieber.

Search Countries and Meet Omegle Girls Only

If you would like to get females from specific countries, you can do it with interests again. We will tell you a few good tricks about that. For searching countries, you should find out a few locations of that country. Example: You want to meet with someone from Norway, you need to find out a few cities of that country. So you can add : Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Tromsø to your interests. If you want to meet people from USA, so you can add USA, California, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Florida, Texas, etc.

Here is an example for Russian girls on the video.
If you want to meet with females from Spain, you can also try Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia… You can do the same for other countries.

Only Girls Omegle Chat Logs

You are going to find chat logs here for keywords which we have suggested.

I recommend you add more keywords to meet Omegle girls only because it will help you a lot to meet with new people

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