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Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor – The Facebook Power Editor is a powerful tool that was designed specifically for large advertisers. It was created for large advertisers who needed to create, edit or publish multiple ads at the same time. The power editor was created for advertisers on the Facebook platform.


Facebook Power Editor

The Facebook power is described to be a free page and ad management tool which could be downloaded from Facebook. There are so many features attached to this platform. Some of these features are device targeting. You could target a particular device, mobile devices or desktop devices.


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Also, you can target custom audiences. You can target your audience by their age, interest, location, and others more very effectively. Additionally, there is an image library where all the images you have ever used in running your ads are waiting for you.

Facebook Editor & Facebook Ads Manager

Before you can use this powerful tool, you need to sign up for a Facebook account. You can follow the steps below to sign up for a Facebook account.

  • Go to facebook.com or launch any Facebook app on your device.
  • If you are using a desktop device, fill the sign-up form by the right side of the screen and tap on the “Create account” button. For mobile device users, tap on the button indicating you can create an account and fill the sign-up form.
  • Facebook will send a verification code to your contact address once it is added.
  • Confirm your contact address and you should have successfully created your account.
  • You would be logged in your new account but you have to add a few friends to enjoy all the features of the platform.

Does the Power Editor Really Exists

The Facebook power editor despite all the benefits and advantages it offers is no longer available. That is to say, it once existed but is no more. The reason why it is no more is that it has already merged with the standard Facebook Ads Manager.


This is to say that all the features of the power editor can now be enjoyed on the regular Facebook ads manager.

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