Sicher Mobile Messaging App – How to Download Sicher Mobile Messaging App(Google,iTunes or Windows Store for Android, iOS and Windows devices)

Sicher Mobile Messaging App

Sicher Mobile Messaging App – In case you feel that the instant messaging app you using is not safe enough? if you want a messenger that support message encryption? then you need to Download Sicher Instant Messenger.


Sicher Mobile Messaging App



Sicher is German word which means safe, certain or secure. It is Android, iOS and Windows supported freeware instant messenger app.

Sicher supports users sending and sharing end-to-end encrypted text messages as well as media files and documents in private and group chats.

Meanwhile, Sicher Mobile Messaging App is an unlimited and totally secure against any intrusion. Developed by a German Company Shape GmbH for information security and privacy conscious persons.

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Sicher Mobile Messaging App Features

  1. Enjoy safe Group Chat discuss and share media files also.
  2. You are at liberty to destroy messages or manually delete all chats completely by setting message destruct timer.
  3. It also,support anonymous push notification without opening the message.
  4. Explore photo filters features.
  5. Offers password security with strong encryption of every data stored on your device.
  6. There is no ads or crash logs or social network integration.
  7. Sicher makes use of phone number for verification as anti-spam measure.
  8. Totally secured messages, no one will ever know the information contained in your messages.
  9. Complete encryption of all text messages and files such as pictures, videos, PDF, Doc and XL. only you and your contacts gets to know what the message is all about.



How to Download Sicher Mobile Messaging App

It is worth knowing that Sicher Instant Messenger is available for download for the following devices: Android, iPhone and Windows Phones.

However you will be redirected to Google,iTunes or Windows Store for Android, iOS and Windows devices respectively To download Sicher Instant Messenger.

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