Facebook Is Launching A Free Cloud Gaming Service 2020

Facebook Is Launching A Free Cloud Gaming Service

Facebook Is Launching A Free Cloud Gaming Service – Facebook announces introduction of “cloud playable” in the News Feed. These tiny demos will target people who rarely open the Gaming ab, or have forgotten that Facebook also offers playable games. The company says the ads will draw from a game’s native code and therefore be simple for developers to tweak.


Facebook Free Cloud Gaming Service

This cloud gaming feature will be limited to two platforms:

Android and the Web. Apple originally barred game streaming services on iOS. The company changed its App Store Review Guidelines last month, however, allowing stream able games – provided every title is submitted separately for review and catalog apps that helps players find them. “Even with Apple’s new cloud games policy, we don’t know if launching on the App Store is a viable path,” Jason Rubin, VP of Play at Facebook explained in a blog post.

Facebook Is Launching A Free Cloud Gaming Service

The service will eventually come to the dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Android. While the company is concentrating on mobile hardware and the web, it hasn’t ruled out supporting TVs someday. “I would love to be on TVs at some point,” Rubin told Engadget. “I think that would be a great way to play these games. But there’s a big controller issue for us because we’re not giving you a subscription and sending you a controller as a loss-leader to earn back over time. Keyboard and touch input works for us, but the controller input for some of these [other] devices is something we have to overcome. We have some ideas, but it’ll take us some time to get there.”


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Facebook entering into video game streaming isn’t a huge surprise. The tech giant secured PlayGiga, a startup that ran a cloud gaming service in Europe and select parts of the Middle East, last December. Facebook has also confirmed that it’s working with Microsoft on xCloud integration.

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