Discover Who  Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Discover Who  Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Discover Who  Viewed Your Facebook Profile – To discover who viewed your Facebook profile is interesting. The apps were just developed to enable scammers get your personal login details which give them access to your account whenever they want, so Facebook users should be careful of where they input their Facebook login details to avoid hacking of account.


Discover Who  Viewed Your Facebook Profile

There is a lot of Facebook application that claims will show you those that viewed your Facebook profile, don’t be fooled, these apps are not really, all of those is show the list of some of your very active friends and present them as those who viewed your profile on Facebook.



It is extremely important to know that using third-party applications other than Facebook application to view those checking your profile is not recommended.

So, for those inquisitive Facebook users out there wanting to know those that viewed their profile, below are the ways to do that;

The Use Of Google Chrome Browser Expansion

A Google chrome expansion known as profile visitor is able to allow you view those that checked your profile only on one condition, which is; those who viewed your profile must also be using this Google chrome expansion.


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To make it work, you can as well inform your buddies to make use of the expansion called profile visitor. To acquire this, follow the basic steps below

Install using chrome browser, profile visitor for Facebook by following this link

Then login to your Facebook account using the Google chrome browser
You will notice a visitor’s tab added to the friends tab above the page, when clicked, it will display the list of those using profile visitor that viewed your Facebook profile.
Note that profile visitor functions best when you invite lots of people to use it, therefore it’s better to start inviting your friends to use this nice Google chrome expansion.

Another method that can be used to view those that checked your profile on Facebook is using the manual approach, to do this, follow this steps carefully;

  1. Go to your Facebook timeline and copy the URL
  2. Right click the mouse on the browser and select “view page resources” where a page with JavaScript code is displayed
  3. Press ctrl+F on the keyboard, a box will appear at the top of the page showing a list of numbers. These numbers represent the ID of those that checked your profile, copy these numbers
  4. Then on your browser, paste them in front of Facebook URL ie”the number you copied” and enter.
    The first set of ID show the name of those that checked your Facebook profile recently while the last set are those that never checked your profile at all.

Now that you have known how to check those who viewed your profile, hope you won’t continue using all those third party applications that uses the opportunity to steal your account details.

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