Blocking and Unfriending Facebook Friend Not The Same

Blocking and Unfriending Facebook Friend Not The Same

Blocking and Unfriending Facebook Friend Not The Same – Many Facebook users do wonder whether blocking and unfriending friends are the same. This article will clearly differentiate them.

Blocking and Unfriending Facebook Friend Not The Same

Does Unfriending Someone Do the Same Thing as Blocking Them?

No – if you unfriend a person on Facebook, they will be removed from your Friends list (and you’ll be removed from their Friends list as well). This won’t notify the person in question. You’ll still be able to send them a Friend Request in the future, and they’ll be able to do the same.



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The person you have unfriended will also be able to view your Facebook timeline and activity, unless your privacy settings say otherwise. If you don’t want somebody to be fully able to view your profile at all, you’ll have to block them on Facebook.

It means, if you block someone, Your FB profile will not be viewed while Unfriending, your Facebook Profile can be viewed unless you set it.

Other Things Needed to Know

If you don’t want to block someone, but don’t want to see their posts in your News Feed, you can unfollow them (doable by hovering over the “Following” button on their profile, and choosing “Unfollow”). You can also limit someone’s ability to see your own posts (as well as the posts you’re tagged in).


Furthermore, you can use Facebook’s “Take a Break” feature as well. Just type in the person’s name, and edit your preferences accordingly. If you click on “Edit Who Can See Past Posts”, and then on “Edit all my posts and posts I’m tagged in”, Facebook will automatically:

  • Untag you in posts made by other people you and the person in question were tagged in.
    Untag you in posts the user tagged you before.
    Change the privacy settings of your posts in which you tagged said user.

You can also add the person in question to a Restricted List. That means you’ll stay friends with them on Facebook, but they’ll only be able to see your posts when you set their Audience to Public.

To do that;

  1. Go to the user’s profile, hover over the “Friends” status.
  2. Click “Add to another list,” and then
  3. Tap on “Restricted.” button

Also, we should mention that if you change your relationship status, you no longer need to worry about people seeing it on their News Feeds. It will only show up when you change the status to “In a Relationship.” Of course, if you want to limit that too, you can do so through your account’s privacy settings.


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