Amazon Streaming App – How to Download Amazon Prime Video App

How to Download Amazon Prime Video App

How to Download Amazon Prime Video App – Indeed, numerous clients know Amazon as an online store. All things considered, Amazon likewise offers video gushing administrations which clients can access on its astounding Amazon prime video application.

Amazon Streaming App

With regards to video administrations clients talk about well – known stages like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Netflix. All things considered, other than these brilliant stages is one of Amazon.

The Prime Video app is available on a range of televisions, Amazon devices, mobile devices, Blu-ray players, games consoles and streaming media devices.


Amazon prime video application is an application client can use to get to Amazon prime spilling administrations on their gadgets. This application gives an approach to clients to get to Amazon computerized dissemination stage. While for Amazon prime part it gives an approach to them to use Amazon advanced conveyance administrations.

Amazon Prime Video App Features

This stunning application gives its clients access to Amazon Prime video benefits. Indeed, as long clients have the application on their gadgets they will have the option to get to quality Amazon spilling administrations.

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There are heaps of prime video administrations clients can use on the application.  Despite the fact that clients need to guarantee they have a functioning membership on their prime video record to do this.

Clients with one can get to the accompanying on the application.

  • Amazon Streaming App administrations.
  • Download motion pictures and TV appears.
  • Buy into Amazon channels
  • Buy and lease recordings.

The above highlights are accessible for clients to access the amazon prime video application.

  1. Users can get the chance to download their preferred TV shows and films to watch disconnected.
  2. Clients can do this on the application utilizing their gadget cell information or solid remote association.
  3. When clients download any prime video, they will have the option to watch it whenever they like on the amazon prime video application.
  4. The astonishing thing about this application is the way that, clients can stream Amazon moment recordings on it without visiting the Amazon site.
  5. Users have the chance to see the primary scenes of select Amazon TV appears on the application. While utilizing this Amazon Streaming application, clients can look at IMDB subtleties on motion pictures or TV shows they find fascinating.
  6. Clients can likewise purchase or lease motion pictures they like if it’s accessible for them to use on the application.

Amazon Prime individuals will discover this application valuable because of the way that there’s a possibility for buying into Amazon channels. Truly, dynamic prime record proprietors can buy into their preferred Amazon channels on the application.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video App

The Amazon video application is accessible to download on Android, iOS and Windows gadgets. Clients can download Amazon prime video applications from their separate gadget application store if accessible. Clients can do this with the accompanying advances.

  • Install Prime Video on Your Devices
  • Using the Prime Video app you will be able to watch Prime Video.
  • Open your device’s app store to download and install the Prime Video app.
  • Open the Prime Video app.
  • Register your device – select Sign in and Start Watching and enter your Amazon account information.
  • Alternatively select Register on the Amazon website, where you are given a code to enter.
  • Click on “Install” button.

Following the above advances, the amazon prime video application will start to download to the client’s gadget. Once the download procedure is finished, the application will naturally introduce the client’s gadget.

After the application introduces, clients will have the option to get to the Amazon prime video benefits on it.

Note : Clients need to guarantee they have a gadget that can run the Amazon prime video application before utilizing the above advances.


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