WhatsApp Web video Call – Download WhatsApp Web video Call On Desktop

WhatsApp Web Video Call

WhatsApp Web video Call – People ask, is there anything like the WhatsApp web video call? What is WhatsApp web, before we look further into how to make video calls with WhatsApp, I strongly believe that we should know what WhatsApp web is and how to use it?

It would be highly impossible for you to make video calls on WhatsApp web if you do not have an idea of how to get there or what to do when you get there. WhatsApp web is a very broad place, so you need guides not to get lost. Although not everyone would be lost here as some people are very intelligent.


 WhatsApp Web Video Call

WhatsApp web came about due to the rising need of WhatsApp users who needed a desktop version for their businesses. Although the WhatsApp web is still under construction it performs a lot of functions.

It is restricted o some of the functions that you can do with the mobile but it is not really necessary because we would not be using it to perform these functions. For example, a WhatsApp account cannot be opened on the WhatsApp web.

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Therefore you must own a WhatsApp account before you can access WhatsApp web. There are also certain things you need to access the WhatsApp web.

What you Need to Access WhatsApp Web

Widely speaking, they are just normal equipment to enable you use WhatsApp web.


Below is the little list of items….

  • Any android or iOS phone that is WhatsApp supported and has a good rear camera as this would be needed to connect.
  • A desktop computer or laptop with google chrome installed.
  • Fast internet connection to connect to your PC and smartphone if necessary.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp must be installed on your device.
  • If you do not have the WhatsApp app, you can download the updated version from your iOS store or play store. The app is needed because
  • WhatsApp we would not be able to work without the mobile app.

WhatsApp Web Setting Up

  1. Open the chrome browser on your PC and navigate to
  2. Open the WhatsApp app on you smartphone and hit the menu button from the chat page.
  3. Select WhatsApp web to open the QR code scanner.
  4. Scan the code on your PC using your smartphone rear camera.
  5. If you are successful, you would be logged in to your whatsapp web account after a few moments. Your smartphone must never be too far away from your PC as this would cause a disconnection between your device and your PC.

How to Make Video Calls Using WhatsApp Web

After logging in to WhatsApp web, there is no more stress, to make a video call, you can just hit the name of the recipient you want to call. Then proceed to clicking the video icon at the top of the chat page. Wait for some time to connect with the receiver and you would see each other on live video.


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