Payvice Agent Review – How To Become Payvice Mobile Agent

How To Become Payvice Mobile Agent

How To Become Payvice Mobile Agent – Do you wish to become payvice Agent?. Are you in search of Mobile Banking companies with low transaction charge rate? Or you already knew about Payvice Agent and what a sincere review about them?. This page will give you all you need in details.


Payvice (Itex Integrated Services Limited)

PayVice is a value-added service by Itex Integrated Services Limited which includes an electronic wallet system that enables funds transfers, utility, transport and logistics bill payments. PayVice also enables QR Code payments.


It allows Payvice Agents to purchase airtime for all networks in Nigeria, subscribes to internet services from popular broadband service providers such as Smile, pay utility bills, Electricity Bills, Cable TV, do Transfers and Withdrawals.

itex Integrated Services Limited has other payment channels which includes PayVice, TAMS, Internet Payment Gateway, Afrimart and Bespoke Services for their clients.

itex Point-of-Sale (POS) software/terminals – itex POS terminal application software is highly robust, with extreme flexibilities that allow for customized transactions (both traditional and digital) required by merchants or acquirers.

itex has an extensive client portfolio spanning 19 African countries, with more than 67,000 POS terminals deployed to merchants, commercial banks, agent network, transnational corporations and governments across Africa.


How To Become Payvice Mobile Agent

Why You Might Love To Become A Payvice Mobile Agent

Payvice has come to become a strong competitor of Opay and Palmpay.

Yes, OPay Agent’s service charge is unbitable, but Payvice has come closer to it.

Like-wise PalmPay – when it comes to giving points (coins) also known as Cashback. Payvice does the same too.

So its almost like; Payvice is in between OPay and PlamPay. Invirablely these THREE Mobile Banking agent has the best offer for their Agents and customers.

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However, below are various reasons why Payvice might be a good choice;

  • Various Login Channels

Payvice Agent can login through the Mobile app, POS, and website ( and Not just various login channels, users can login either with their email address and Phone number.

  • Competitive Commission

If you’re familiar with OPay agent charge rate – then it will occur to you that they don’t change Agents for Data and airtime purchase, Utility payment, TV subscription, and some other transactions. And this usually a great channel for Agents to make more money (since there aren’t charges).

Payvice offers even more than that. Apart from the fact that you won’t be charged for making those type of transactions listed above, you earn up to 10% points (cashback) which you see on the “Commission column” of your account.

  • Low Transaction Charge Rate

Payvice with no doubt has less charge rate when compare with other Mobile Money Agent service. Below are is their charges;
Transaction Charges
Transfer N20
Withdraw N6.50 for Every N1,000
Payment of Bills Free

  • No Presentation of Account Statement Before Becoming An Agent

Unlike other Mobile Banking Agent Companies that request for Bank Statements to check your BAnk account transaction history to check if you’re qualified to become an Agent of their Mobile money service, Payvice doesn’t request such.

The following information are required apply as an agent:

  • Your Name,and Location,
  • BVN,
  • Phone number,
  • Next of kins details,
  • Guarantor details,
  • Email address, and
  • Passport photograph

So simple to become an agent of Payvice Mobile Banking.

  • No Transaction Target Given To Agents

Also, unlike OPay that request you most make a transaction of up to N1,500,000 in a month, otherwise N10,000 will be deducted from your wallet account (as explained in their office), but Payvice isn’t like that.

No target is given to you. They believe that if you don’t hustle, you won’t make money for yourself. You have every reason to be serious after all you paid a huge amount of money to acquire their (Payvice) POS.

  • Service Expansion

Payvice (iTex) already has more services than every other Mobile Banking Agent service, including and not limited to Banking account opening, some government payment services, etc.

This means more services, more channels opportunities for Agents to make money.

Payvice has a website and app to access your Payvice agent Wallet but the customer service is not functioning as at the time this post was published (7-30-2020).

What do you think about Payvice?
Does it worth trying?

We love to hear from you. So use the comment box below.

And if you are currently a Payvice (itex) Agent, we also what to know about your experience or/and challenges. Maybe someone can give a better advice.

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