How to Tag All Friends In a Facebook Post

How to Tag All Friends In a Facebook Post

How to Tag All Friends In a Facebook Post- When it comes to expression yourself, Facebook is the best among all social networking platforms that offer good ways to carry your friends along, with Facebook tag feature you can easily link friends with your posts and images and they will get a notification that they have been attached to a certain conversation.


Millions of users are always active on Facebook, so sometimes when you post stuffs there is a tendency that those you targeted might not even get it because they are simply not online at the moment and when they do come online, several other posts has dominated their Facebook feeds.


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So for you to carry your friends along on certain post, it is best you simply tag them so that even if they are not online, they will surely get the notification and you are sure to receive their comment.

Tag Someone In FB Post

So if you have a very large number of friends on your list and you don’t want them to miss out on your post, you can follow the steps listed below to easily tag all of them to your Facebook post.

Note: You as the author of a post only has the option to tag friends in the post.
It is near impossible to tag all of your pals in a post as it is quite time consuming, but today we will show you how you can easily tag all your friends in a Facebook post at a time with a single click.


How to Tag all your friends to a Status/Post/Comment

Note: With this easy steps, you can only add friends to a text status with no images.

  1. Start by logging into your Facebook account and locate the post you want to tag all your friends.
  2. Once you locate the post, open it in a new tab so that only the post is active on the web page.
  3. Copy the code below (it’s a JavaScript code)
  4. Once you copy the code, open the tab created in point two.
  5. Now press F12 button which will open the Inspect element box.
  6. After that go to the ‘console tab’ and press CTRL+V to paste the code you copied and hit the enter button.

Note: This is recommended for Google chrome users
With this simple technique you can have hundreds of likes and remarks on your post and become the social media king! In no time.


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