Advertising Investment Registration | How To Earn Money On Investment Investment Registration
Advertising Investment Registration is very simple, You earn as money after registration on the platform, starting from the registration bonus credited on your wallet account. Go through the post and register with your phone number and start earning on daily basis. Investment

Welcome to the future, Here you can use your fragmented time to improve your quality of life.New registered users will be given a #500 bonus in your Wallet. You can get 5% profit of your balance every day. Your income depends on your account balance, the higher the account balance, the higher your earnings. When you invite your friends to join FUTURE you earn commission

Withdrawal Time: Daily 10am to 6pm (Monday – Friday)


Need to recharge to activate the account to withdraw money. You can recharge 24 hours a day from Money to Sunday. Minimum withdrawal is #2000

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Then, to login you have to download the App. After downloading, login with your phone number and password.

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How to Earn Money On Future Platform Investment Registration

  • Login your account with your details
  • Locate mission list and select the VIP level you are.
  • Click on the Chose VIP and click on “Automatic Order”
  • Confirm the order.

Each users can grab 20 orders/task per day, Profits depends on the order of the day, not fixed.

Your profit from grabbing orders depends on your balance, the higher the balance, the the profit.

Higher levels will have higher returns, if you want to upgrade the level, please click “VIP LEVEL UPGRADE” Complete the payment to upgrade.

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