Boogie Down Emote -How To Get Boogie Down Emote

How To Get Boogie Down Emote

How To Get Boogie Down Emote  – Dancing is not something for only music lovers nor only musicians not only even people at a party, but dancing is what everyone is supposed to do. And fortnight has taken it to the next level as they are giving out the free boogie Down emote dance on Fortnite. If you are a fan of the great game called fortnight you must have heard of the boogie down emote.


Boogie Down Emote

As we all know the boogie down emote dance is a victory lap given to fans as a reward for enabling the two-factor authentication security on their account. This is a win-win situation for fans, as you get a free dance and better security for your account.

This dance is part of the updated Fortnite patch. As the name suggests the new boogie down emote is really cool feature or dance to have to show off to your friends.

Two-Factor Authentication On Fortnite

Getting this dance is easy as I have said you need to enable two-factor on your account to get it free. The two-factor authentication method on Fortnite in just about verifying your account twice in order to secure it properly.


What this means is simple and is good for you. Because in the case of which someone mistakenly guesses your Fortnite account details like your password, the person we still run into some problem. This is due to the two-factor authentication which will compel the person for the second method of authentication before using your account.

So you are not only better protecting your account, but you are also getting the free boogie down emote Dance to show off to your friends.

How To Get Boogie Down Emote

By now you have known that getting the boogie down emote is easy to do. It is simply by enabling the two-way security Factor on your account. The only problem now seems to be how to enable the two-factor authentication method on your Fortnite account.

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Well, look no further because below I will give you the details steps on how to enable the two – factor on your Fortnite account.

Now the first thing is to head over to your Fortnite account via this Link.
When you are on your account settings click on Password and Security, this will take you to your “Security settings”.
At the bottom of the page below where you see “Two Factor Authentication,” the next thing is to click the Enable Authenticator App or Enable Email

Authentication at the two-way Factor method on your account.


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