True Caller Id App Download – Download Caller Id For Your Android

True Caller Id App Download Is a wonderful Call App, It Also Manages And Records Phone Calls. It helps you to Identify Unknown And Hidden Callers. Get True Caller download now.

True Caller Id App

With this App you can also Record And Block Unwanted Calls from Fraudsters, Telemarketers and any call you found Irritating.

This Caller Id App  has been Tested And Trusted By Millions Of People To Know Who The Real Caller Is.

Some people will intentionally call you with a hidden Id(number), for one thing or the other. But you can put a Stop to that expensive joke, with True Caller Id App.

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There is no two words about it, that this Call App is among the best Apps. Because it’s among the Top 10 rated App in over 40 Countries and 45 most downloaded app in Google Play.

You can as well know the Locations, Birthday, Social media info etc… of your Callers with this great “True Caller Id App”. The features are too numerous to mention.

True Caller Id App Features

1. Social Contacts: It(Automatically) updates your phone book with photos and info from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and many more.

2. Full Contact Id: True Caller Id App brings to your knowledge the true caller’s Name, Birthday, Social Media Info, Photo etc…

3. Automatic Call Recorder: It records both the Incoming and Outgoing phone calls.

4. Real Caller Id: Know who the real caller is. see when your friends are calling and also see their pictures with this Call App

5. Phone Number Search: Search for any number or location with the App’s smart search system and dial your friend using it’s dialer.

6. Blacklist Numbers: If you are tired of seeing a particular number or numbers(contacts) on your phone’s screen anytime it rings. Just add the numbers(contacts) to the blacklist with just a tap.

True Caller Id App Download

 Download today and Join the Millions of Users

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