Polish Government Scholarship Application Requirements 2021

Polish Government Scholarship Application Requirements 2021

Polish Government Scholarship Application Requirements 2021 – Polish government scholarship application requirements 2021 unveiled on this page to help you discover the application basics, the application demands, and how to apply, and the right time to apply.

Polish Government Scholarship

Annually Polish government choose international students that will benefit from the offer they tend to disburse among the eligible applicants that got enlisted. This year, the scholarship application ended on 3rd June, 2021 but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take part in this exclusive financial help that imposes financial relief to all Masters aspirants. You can still leverage the offer once you are eligible but there are prerequisites that makes you eligible.

One and most important is that you must not have ever completed or take part in a second-cycle studies at any university. More so, for you to apply, you must be a citizen of one of the countries that are listed as eligible. Also, your course of study must be in any of the sciences listed here in this page. You just have to chill, relax, stay back and discover all the eligible courses.


Qualified Courses

There are programs that you are eligible to apply. As the Minister of Education supervising this scheme fixed it, only the below mentioned subjects are available for the students that wish to be facilitated;

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Technical Sciences.

Only these sciences will be recognized for funding provided that the students are from the countries mentioned below.

Eligible Constituencies

Meanwhile, it will interest you to know the eligibility of your country in order to discover if your citizenship will fetch you the scholarship offer after meeting up with Polish Government scholarship application requirements 2021 since you are taking the program in the qualification list.

  • Bosnia
  • Albania
  • Herzegovina
  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Azerbaijan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • Kosovo
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine and Uzbekistan
  • North Macedonia
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan

Finally! These are the countries that can apply for this program without much ado and get immediate response. If you are interested and your country is mentioned above, the remaining eligibility criteria is still available for you to meet up with.


Polish Government Scholarship Application Requirements 2021

If you check and have all these requirements in your possession then you are qualified to enjoy this Polish government.

First, ensure that you have nothing to do with Polish citizenship because Polish citizens are not accepted.
Also, you must have B1 level in Polish or B2 in English. These are only languages accepted here. If you have to apply, you must pick your proficiency defense from any of the languages mentioned.
More to that, only these science subjects shown are eligible to be enrolled.
On the other hand, ensure that you have completed an undergraduate program and have never undergone or completed a Masters program since lifetime.
More so, all the supplementary documents must be submitted alongside the completely filled application form.
Nevertheless, a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalence will be demonstrated.

Above all, your academic transcripts won’t be taken for granted. You should apply now since you have discovered all Polish government scholarship application requirements 2021.

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How to Apply Polish Government Scholarship Online

This is a scholarship offer for international students that wants to be financially supported by recognized bodies. You should apply at the online official website now by following all the application detailed guide below;

Drop your email address to be notified of next session

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