How To Apply For Heidelberg University Postgraduate Scholarship

How To Apply For Heidelberg University Postgraduate Scholarship

How To Apply For Heidelberg University Postgraduate Scholarship – Apply Heidelberg university postgraduate scholarship to leverage fully free study in the field you have passion for. All the postgraduate applicants are highly required to apply their scholarship online. Download the application form pdf below.


Heidelberg University Postgraduate Scholarship

Apply Heidelberg university PhD scholarship to enhance your job studying for an awarding Doctoral degree in Germany. There are these specified students that wouldn’t be taken for granted and they are students whose field of study is concentrated on Neurobiology and Molecular studies. Is that your specialized field of study?


If your field of study has absolutely nothing to do with Molecular evaluations, then there wouldn’t be any other reason for you to stay here. For consecutive 3 years, graduates will undergo Research training in order to investigate given Molecular and hence, discover it’s impact on the complementary medicine. Interestingly, the scholarship is aimed at certifying brilliant students that has received a Masters degree or it’s equivalence so as to be eligible for a Doctoral certification.

However, students that wishes to work towards discoveries and researches particularly when it comes to molecular mechanisms are the top lucky winners of this grant. They will be gladly funded for, throughout the 3 years of the studies. More to that, International students has been offered a plate of opportunity to move into Germany for a free study and at the other hand, explore Germany. Isn’t this what we call killing two birds with one stone?

This is finding yourself situation when you are exploiting a given grant and then, having a tour in Germany all for free. The gift is all yours when you take the mechanism given for students who wish to apply Heidelberg university PhD scholarship in Germany. Meanwhile, initial applicants were not able to heed to prerequisites mapped out for intenders of Heidelberg University postgraduate scholarship application.

Well, to apply Heidelberg University postgraduate scholarship doesn’t take time as students naturally think. It is an application that you will compile yourself to submit at the University itself or simply submit by email. Besides, the email address will be communicated hereafter so what are you still worrying about? Apply now to get accreditation that will pay you off for a lifetime.


Accrediting Degree

Do you know the degree qualification that will be awarded to each beneficiary of this fully funded grant in Germany? The lucky students from diverse localities will be closely awarded with a PhD degree in Neurobiology.
Demanded Qualifications from Applicants

Requirements from applicants of this scholarship are only a handful and once students heed to all the demanded requisites accredited, nothing will obscure their position into Heidelberg university. Without much ado, below is the list of demands from students

An entrant with prior experience to Molecular biology or Neurobiology will be added to the top consideration list. That said, the only granted students are students with Molecular biology or the related experience in their previous academic levels.
However, international students are totally qualified when it comes to the application but there wouldn’t be a need to proceed with an application if your study specialization has nothing to do with Molecular studies.
Well, it is also required that an applicant intending for a Doctoral certification must have received a Masters degree or its equivalence. So, ensure that you present the transcript.
Do you know that a deadline has been fixed for application? Students will seize to apply for the scholarship in 2 sections of the year. We will communicate it hereafter.
More to that, ensure that you applied with all the supporting documents and equally submitted to the outlined address.
Although you will take this free study program in Germany, that hasn’t stopped the fact that your English speaking and understanding skills is most needed here. For an applicant to apply Heidelberg University PhD scholarship, you have to undergo an English proficiency test to determine your English expositions and fluency.

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Deadline of the Scholarship

Two different deadlines were fixed for this scholarship and they include;

  1. Application starts in November and ends on January
  2. Another application starts in September and ends in October.

This process repeats itself annually. So, make it a point of duty to apply before the deadline. Apply according to the one you met up with, because each deadline determines the academic season that an applicant will be admitted.

How To Apply For Heidelberg University Postgraduate Scholarship

There are two methods of application and they consist of the offline and online methods. One of the two is when an applicant has to go directly to the university with all the documents and application form for submission. Or submit your completed application to the email address which will be shown here.

But before application, ensure that;

  • Your CV is ready with all the publications, work experiences, teaching experiences and all other related relevant academic information that will award you this scholarship.
  • Another is the language requirement which has already been communicated above this section. English proficiency test will be required for you to apply Heidelberg university PhD scholarship.
  • 2 Reference letters written in English language
  • A letter that demonstrates your motivation and work experiences
  • Then, your application letter.

Fortunately, only these few requirements will offer you the grant. Therefore; get them ready and then submit at

Email address:
or go to Prof. Dr. Daniela Mauceri Heidelberg University. Neurobiology Department Im Neuenheimer Feld 366, 1.OG 69120 Heidelberg

For further inquiries; visit the scholarship website at

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