Learn To Hide Your Friends List On Facebook – Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

Learn To Hide Your Friends List On Facebook – Making your Facebook friends hidden is what doing because of increase in fraudulent activities on the social media. You might as well be bothered about your Personal privacy and want to setup your Facebook.



Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

One of such Personal privacy setup that Facebook developed helps to supply various users to Hide friends list on Facebook, this setup will certainly have the ability to Hide your Facebook friends list from the general Public or friends you don’t really like to check your profile depending on your choice, this make your Friend list inaccessible by friends as well as general public, thereby limiting various other users to take excessive advantage of it.

Learn To Hide Your Friends List On Facebook

For you to make your Facebook Friends list Hidden, Follow this guidelines


  • Sign in to your Facebook account  profile
  • On your profile, make sure you choose Friends Tab
  • At the Friends list section, you will certainly notice the Manage button which looks like the pen icon.
  • Click Manage and then, choose Edit Privacy.
  • Then a pop-up box will show where you can select who could see your friends list.
  • By Facebook default it will surely be Public, to change click on Public and select Only Me if that’s your desire. You could as well select Friends if your intentions is to hide it from the general public that is not yet your friend on Facebook.
  • You can also select Custom to select from your friend’s list who exactly could view the friend’s list
  • Now that is done,


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How to Check Whether Your Facebook Friends List Is Hidden


You may want to confirm whether your friend list is truly hidden or otherwise, you just follow the procedure below;

  1. Go again to your Timeline. Click 3 dots in front of View Activity Log.
  2. Select View As.
  3. Then your account will be shown to you as it is seen by Public. So depending on the privacy settings you did, if you chose to hide it from the general public, then you won’t see anything under your Friend’s list.


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