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Facebook Messenger Love App Game – If you are with tired people telling you thing about you that hurt you or make you depressed, try the Facebook Messenger Love App.




Facebook Messenger Love App Game


This game is a gift and it’s so fun to pass time with as it helps you fall in love with yourself. The game has different segment and all these segments are questions which comes with auto-suggested answers that are 80% of the time right.

Currently there are over 21 million players engaged in playing this game on Facebook alone. It isn’t at all a competitive game but how come lots of individuals are playing it? This is because the fun of the game is endless. I advise you play this game simultaneously with some friends. I promise, you will so laugh at each other and with each other as the answers pop up. Love App is one game I recommend for people to play every day because it will increase your love life with yourself. And also lift up your esteem.

Segments in Facebook Messenger Love App

There are different segments in Facebook Messenger Love App and they are as follows;

  • What type of woman are you?
  • What is your #world record egg?
  • What are you like before and after drinking?
  • What will happen to you in January?
  • What message does cupid have for you?
  • What is your saying in life?
  • How will you spend the night on February 14th?
  • What will you improve at in 2019?
  • What was your biggest mistake in 2018?
  • What will 2019 bring?
  • What will be your best and worst months this year?
  • What does the zodiac say about you?
  • When will you have a beautiful baby?
  • How many partners will you have in 2019?
  • Which runway angel are you?
  • What do famous people post about you?
  • What’s your hamster meme?
  • What will your boyfriends/girlfriends be like in 2019?
  • Which animal are you from the heart?
  • What will your future baby be like?
  • What is your new year’s calendar?
  • How could you die?
  • What’s your #10yearschallenge?
  • What nicknames have your exes given you?
  • What does Trump say about you?
  • What’s the hottest part of your body?
  • What famous person do you look like?
  • What will your 3 blessings be in 2019?

When playing any of this, you are given unlimited access to try again if you are not okay with the result.


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