Learn How To Make Questionnaire On Facebook Page – How To Make Questionnaire On Facebook Page

Learn How To Make Questionnaire On Facebook Page

Learn How To Make Questionnaire On Facebook Page – Facebook is the latest social media platform to introduce polling into its feed. Though users could simply post a Facebook status, tweet or Instagram story asking a question that their followers could reply to, polling is an easier means to discovering what their followers prefer.


Learn How To Make Questionnaire On Facebook Page

Twitter and Instagram paved the way with the introduction of polling as a means for users to learn what their followers favored between any two topics. Now, Facebook members can also use polls to discover whether they should take a vacation to Spain or France, purchase an iPhone or an Android or watch Stranger Things 2 verses House of Cards.



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Not only is this new feature helpful for everyday inquiries, but polling has become a tool that allows marketers, lifestyle influencers, brands and bloggers to connect with potential buyers and readers in addition to uncovering what content their audience resonates better with.

Whether a brand, social influence or everyday social media user looking for some helpful suggestions from your social network – here’s how to create a two-option Facebook poll with GIFs and photos.


Log in and search

To begin, log into your Facebook page and search “poll” in the search bar. If you are already logged into your account, you can also type into a search engine “Facebook poll” and be directed right to the Polls page by selecting “Make a Poll on Your Page –”.

Allow access

Secondly, select the Polls app from the drop down list and click “Go to Polls”. You will then be asked for Poll’s permission to access your basic information and to access your profile information. If you hit allow, Facebook will direct you to the Polls page.

Here you can create limitless polls that can be posted on your personal profile as well as any other pages you manage.

Create new poll

Choose “Create a new poll” towards the top right of the page and choose which page you’d like to post your poll. Fill in the body of your poll, beginning with the question you’d like to receive feedback about.

Type your question in the “Question” box as well as your answers in the “Answers” box. You may only add one answer per line in the Answers section, pictured in the image below.

Customize your poll

Additional custom tools include the ability to add photos and videos to your poll by uploading basic source code information. Though it sounds complicated, the process is actually quite easy, and Facebook even offers instructions that outline the process.

To add images to your question, first locate the copy image address by right clicking on your image. You will find in the drop down “copy image address”, which you should select. Then in your Answers box, type “<img”, paste the image address right after, and end with “>”. If you wanted a picture next to Pepsi for example, the full text on one line would read “Pepsi <imgsrc=”” />

To add a video, you would follow the same process as uploading pictures. On the desired video, right click and copy “embed code”. Then in the Answers boc, instead of writing “Pepsi <img alt=”” />” for images you would write “Pepsi <iframe>” for a video.</iframe>

If you know a little about HTML and CSS, you have the option of further decorating your poll’s answers with color and font styling elements such as and.


Once satisfied with your Questions and Answers content, check a box if you’d like to allow voters to add other answers or if your poll is in Right-to-Left language (such as Arabic). Choose a vote button caption – which is generally just vote – and then add tags for public pages. Tags can attract more voters if you’re interested in a wealth of opinions.



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