Jorge Paulo Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Students Harvard USA

Jorge Paulo Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Students Harvard USA

Jorge Paulo Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Students Harvard USA. Harvard University provides scholarships are known as the Jorge Paulo Lemann Scholarship to Brazilian students who complete or plan full-time study at one of Harvard’s graduate and professional schools.


Jorge Paulo Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Students Harvard USA

The scholarship program supports Brazilian graduates and citizens who wants to lead in their respective fields and to make a career in Brazil to provide social impetus in the country.


Also, Harvard doctoral and Ph.D. students who are currently studying and working in Brazil get supports from the Lemann Fellowship program.

Jorge Paulo Lemann Fellowship

Jorge Paulo Lemann’s Fellowship is a one academic year award with a renewal possibility for one additional year.

Moreso, Lemann Fellowships’ core aim is to make a substantial contribution toward the cost of attendance and also help out with student’s tuition and fees.

However, candidates must be studying in their school of choice at the University independent of this Fellowship application. Note, admission to the University does not guarantee a Fellowship award.


Furthermore, to qualify for this scholarship, you must be pursuing a full-time or in-residence degree programs that run during the regular academic year.

You can apply if you are a part-time, summer, or online program student.

Level/Field of study

Jorge Paulo Lemann fellowship is available for full-time, university-level courses. And also it is in all disciplines the university is offering.

Host Nationality

The Jorge Paulo Lemann scholarship is organized and hosted by Harvard University in the USA.

Eligible Nationality

The Jorge Paulo Lemann fellowship is open to Brazilian students.

Scholarship Worth

These scholarships are for one academic year and are renewable. It aims to make a significant contribution to student tuition and generally refers to tuition and fees.

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Eligibility for George Paulo Lemann Fellowship

To participate in this scholarship;

  1. You must enrol in the full-time study at one of Harvard’s colleges and universities, with Harvard TH Chan School preferred by the public health department, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, or the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
  2. Students must admit to the full-time residence during the regular school year.
  3. Candidates who feel obliged to take a leadership role in their field and make a career in Brazil to create social impact in the country.
  4. Applicants must apply to and be accepted by the University of their choice.

How to Apply for George Paulo Lemann Fellowship

The fellowship is possible with the generosity of George Palo Lemann.

In addition to participating in programs Fundação Lemann organizes, recipients of the George Paulo Lemann scholarship from Fundação Lemann can also join the network of students.
The scholarship funding will not be added to the partnership. However, scholarship holders are encouraged to consider these compounds as potential benefits for their future academic and professional careers.
Admission to the university does not guarantee the awarding of a scholarship.

To apply, students must review their application process through the link provided:

Application Link

George Paulo Lemann scholarship 2021 Application Deadline

The George Paulo Lemann scholarship Application submission closes on 1 March annually.

Scholarship Website

George Paulo Lemann Scholarship FAQs

  • Typical High School Grades

You will need exceptionally good grades to get into Harvard University. The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Harvard University was 4.04 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily A students are accepted and ultimately attend.

If you want a full scholarship, also make sure that your family makes under $65k. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford offer among the most generous undergraduate financial aid packages in the country. If you are accepted, you will almost certainly receive a very generous need-based financial aid package.

It is true that the wealthiest colleges do not offer merit scholarships, but the flip side is that they can afford to offer enormous amounts of aid to their poorest applicants. You shouldn’t count Harvard out entirely — just know that you won’t be attending on a National Merit Scholarship

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