How To Recover Your Facebook Page

How To Recover Your Facebook Page – Creating Facebook Page is very necessary especially for growing business population. Sometimes, Facebook Page got hacked or hijicked by on known. This page will tell you how to Recover your Facebook. Read the details below.

How To Recover Your Facebook Page

Do you have Facebook account?,Create one here. With FB account you can open a page or a business page to reach out. to your customers or audience within a very short period of time. The Facebook page provides you with one of the best options to pass messages and information across to a large number of people within seconds.

This can be done only with your Facebook account, but what happens when you can no longer access your Facebook page, well then you are going to lose access to your Facebook page.

More about Facebook Page Recover

When you are no longer able to access your Facebook account you automatically lose access to your Facebook page, that means you wont be able to get across to your fans, audience or customer, well that is just temporary because by the time you are done reading this article you will know how to get your Facebook page back.

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To Recover your Facebook Page;

Those who lost their Facebook account to hackers or forgot their Facebook password should follow the guideline below;


  1. Click Here to go to official Facebook website OR @ on the web browser.
  2. Login with your Facebook account details.
  3. Open a new tab on the web browser.
  4. Paste and open this link in the web browser
  5. Fill in the forms appropriately then submit them.
  6. After you have filled the form and submitted it you will be able to have access to your Facebook account and your Facebook page again.

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