Facebook Password Reset – How to Reset Your lost Facebook Password

How to Reset Your Lost Facebook Password

How to Reset Your Lost Facebook Password – Facebook Password Reset. Losing a Facebook account and not knowing what to do about it so dishearthened. But this article will clearly help you out when ever you encounter such problem.

How to Reset Your Lost Facebook Password

Facebook Password Reset: These tips on Facebook Password Reset, how to Change or Reset your Facebook password is vital for your social media security especially if your Facebook account has been tampered with, in this post, you are going to learn how to Recover Facebook Password to get access and start using your Facebook account again.

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While creating your Facebook account, it is highly advised that you use a strong password which comprises both special characters, numbers, and letters (Upper case and Lower case letters).

There are lots of Facebook hackers out there who specialize in hacking people’s Facebook account and using it for their dubious acts like; Identity theft and duping innocent people.  I have experienced it before and I knew how hard I struggled to have my account back and don’t want you to find yourself there so I compiled this information for you. I advise you to change your password immediately you discover fraud in your account.

How to Change Facebook Password

Aside from your account being hacked, it is also very possible that one could forget his/her account’s password. Don’t get tense when you are a victim of any of this that’s why I am here for you.

To Reset Your Lost Facebook Password

Just follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Facebook Here
  2. Try login with your facebook account details
  3. Click “Forget Password’
  4. Input the detail you would be asked to provide (Email address, Phone number, Username, etc.) as they are proof of account ownership
  5. Cross-check the details thoroughly and send
  6. You will receive a revival code from Facebook (sent to your phone line or email)
  7. The code will help you retrieve your account

If your account has been hacked but is still logged into another device, you can also go to Settings and Privacy to create a new password. It is most advisable you make use of the Facebook Security Settings which can enable you to recover your account easily.

By any chance any of these procedures above isn’t helping out; you can kindly contact the Facebook Customer Support to help you out with it. Follow their procedures because recovery of your Facebook account may be much easier with them.

Let us hear from you if you encounter any issues on Facebook Password Reset using the comment box below.


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