How To Download Facebook Video Offline

How To Download Facebook Video Offline

How To Download Facebook Video Offline – Many persons would truly love an option that allows them to download Facebook video offline to watch later and share anytime anywhere. However, officially Facebook videos cannot be downloaded offline for offline viewing.


How To Download Facebook Video Offline



So, we want to show you how to download Facebook Video offline using the Keep downloading as an online site that allows you to download movies from Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Instagram etc. into your phone.


But this page has given reliable resource to make it possible to download Facebook online videos to watch without an internet. So use the information on this page to get informed on how it works.

Of course, if Facebook is not allowing download of videos then the only alternative would be to get a Facebook video downloader to achieve this aim.



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The format it uses is very simple. Get the video URL from any site you want to download from, then place it in website. Then, click on download. Let’s use this guide and show you how to download Facebook Video offline.

How To Download Facebook Video Offline Using


1. Copy the link/URL of the Facebook video, which you want to download from All Video Downloader:

  • First of all, log into your Facebook account.
  • Open the video you want to download.
  • Copy that URL (link) of the Facebook video. Just take a look at the image. Get ready to download and follow easy steps for how to download video from Facebook without any software

2. Paste the URL of Facebook video at, Click Free Download Button.

  • The next option is to log onto
  • You will see an empty space where you are expected to paste the link you copied from Facebook (see image above). The, ensure that the video you are trying to download is compered on Facebook servers and its privacy is public.
  • Then, click on “download”.

3. Select the video format as target format and click the Download button

The next option is to select the format you want to download the Video in. There are different formats you can use like 3gpp, mp4, Webm. For anyone you choose, you will see the details about format type and size of the Video. It helps to download streaming video in the essential quality.

  • Click on a download button on the desired format to download streaming videos from Facebook. In this way, anybody can download Facebook videos free using Facebook video downloader.
  • Allow the video download into your selected location.


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