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  1. I was not properly informed about the process when I was introduced to the platform, and this made me to lose the first 10grams.
    Is possible for me to regain the 10grams back?

  2. Good Morning Sir/Ma as the time indicated here.
    There was a problem of network during the time I was doing my routine on GramFree I repeated smart contract severally before it was successful but later when I wanted to do free of my free roll, there was this that suspecious activities on my account. I have to state here that since I have started, I did not go against the rules of the game not now that am closer to the required grams of 500 and earn money that I will be playing pranks. It is not true. If any of my referral is playing games by been suspecious. Penalize him or her for that.
    I really appreciate your efforts to reduce poverty all over the world.
    Thank you.

  3. Good day sir/ma please have withdrawal 500 grams more than a month ago and my account still pending,i used master card what is the problem.

    1. Dear Samson,
      Have patience,your money will come to you.
      Alot of people has withdraw before you.

  4. Sir my name’s are ugwuegbulam chijioke .,I did my 500.0 grams withdrawal’s on the 18 the of August 2021 I have not seen my alert,is still on pending why?

  5. Please, My withdrawal is still reading pending since 5th of july 2021, please help me to get the money to my e-wallet account, am still waiting because i know that gramfree will pay me, thanks.

      1. Use your gmail and sign up on YouTube, Make video, Upload it on your Youtube and copy the link into Gramfree Video. And Submit.

  6. Dear sir I have used gram free platform and noticed I have defaulted the system, therefore I deleted my account..so I ask, is it right to register again with same phone and email account???

    1. No, You can recover the account with your former details. Use either your Facebook or Email used in registering it.

    2. No. use your former details to login. Use the link on the page to login using Either Facebook or email used in registering it.

      1. ADARALEWA KAYODE, this is another scam, nothing like payment , since August I withdraw 500 gram . I didn’t receive alert. It’s just pending .it’s unfair.

  7. please sir/ma, my withdrawal is still reading pending since 5th of july 2021, please help me to get the money into my e-wallet account because, i noticed that the people who withdraw after me have been paid, thanks.

  8. Good day madam/sir I have placed my withdrawal of 500 grams since 28 of August on my Visa card,and up till now my withdrawal is still pending I don’t know why.pls me get my money to my account

    1. Believe your money will come into your account at due time. Be patience. others are still on the queue.

  9. How can I upload a video on gramfree,how can I play the lottery,why is my pending grams increasing and when will it be transferred into my available balance.

    1. Hello. I have made withdrawal since 31 August 20201, up till this moment my payment have. Not come to my account using master card. What is happening???

  10. Dear gramfree.net,

    I am TM Golam Kibria. I am a Bangladeshi. I signed up for my gramfree account with kibriaptl@gmail.com, this is my google account and gmail account. I paid 500 grams of free points (500 × 4.99 US) through my Visa card on February 10.02.2022. Whose visa card number is 4587900101185324. But the GramFree work fee has not yet been paid into my account. I still haven’t been paid for my Gramfree work. How long do I have to wait to be paid for my work? How many more days will I get paid for my work? So I’m drawing your attention. I hope you’ll pay for my Gramfree work.I hope to positive result hear from you soon. And i sent you two email this email address is support @gramfree.net. But you don’t reply my email.

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