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  1. Hello there my name is Stephen Cleverly! My date of birth and age is 26/05/1987.

    I would like some help in getting back onto my chatblink account i am over age 18 i am age 35.

    But someone on google has stoped me from using my email address it says its blocked! And has also blocked my memebers contact list so i cant chat to anyone that knows me on this chatblink free to use website for everyone over the age of 18.
    Its been over one month now since my account was terminated! But this has happend to me before and then i have been able to re sign up and log in and use a password. After being terminated.

    So i do hope someone can help me sort this out for me very soon so i can get chatting again to all of my friends.

    1. I also get the same problem it wont let me signup i tried contacting and nobody gets back to you it doesnt make any sense how you randomly just become banned yet havent breached anything im 34!

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