GMgold Withdrawal | How to Recharge and Upgrade to Earn More Money


GMgold Withdrawal- To withdraw your money,deposit or recharge and upgrade your Gmgold account is very simple. This page clearly explained it one after the other. Read carefully and ask questions where you get confuse.

GMgold Withdrawal

Like i said earlier, withdrawal from Gmgold is absolutely simple. Before you think of withdrawal, You might have registered or sign up on GMgold and perform task, earn USDT and upgrade from level LV0 before thinking of withdrawal.

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Having register and perform daily task and upgraded, proceed to withdraw your money to your wallet.


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Note: Gmgold is a universal platform, the only accepted currency is USDT which is equivalent to USD American Dollar


To withdraw your money from your GMgold wallet;

  1. Login using your username and password.
  2. Click on “MY” icon on the right downside of your dashboard.
  3. Locate Withdrawal button.
  4. Input the amount of USDT you want to withdraw from your account.
  5. Copy the address from your USDT wallet from any exchanger, whether Roqqu, Binance, Coin base and so on/
  6. Click on the “Submit” button
  7. Your money will arrive in matter of minutes.

You can withdraw every day provided you have upgraded and get USDT on your account.

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How to Recharge and Upgrade to Earn More Money

It is very important to recharge or deposit in order to upgrade to another level from LV0 so that you will continue performing your daily task and earn money. Your free level LV0 will expire after 3days, you will not longer perform task until you upgrade.

GMgold Upgrade Levels

1. LV.1 = 20.9613USDT
Number of jobs per day:11Times
Work commission: 0.10USDT
Validity Period(days):365

2. LV.2 = 130.0430 USDT
Number of jobs per day:35Times
Work commission:0.20 USDT
Validity Period(days):365

3. LV.3 = 550.0430USDT
Number of jobs per day:75Times
Work commission:0.40USDT
Validity Period(days):365

4. LV.4 = 1600.0430USDT
Number of jobs per day: 150Times
Work commission: 0.60USDT
Validity Period(days):365

5. LV5 =5000.3091USDT
Number of jobs per day: 300Times
Work commission: 1:00USDT
Validity Period(days): 365

To recharge or deposit and upgrade;

  • Login to your account with your username and password.
  • Locate “MY” icon.
  • Click on recharge button on the top side of the site.
  • Input the correct amount for the particular level you wish to deposit
  • Copy the address that displayed on the site and paste it on the USDT wallet with which you want to transfer from.
  • After successfully transferring USDT,
  • Click submit the order number
  • Copy the last four digits of TxID
    Screenshot the successful transfer and come back to the site and submit it to customer care for review.
  • Immediately the response, your account has upgraded.

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