Best Messaging Apps in USA

Best Messaging Apps in USA is known as the best Communication App in America and the entire world. Currently, messaging app usage statistics show that WhatsApp has about 1.6billion users and a Facebook messenger has about 1.3billion users, on the other hand, WeChat is behind with 1billion users.


Best Messaging Apps in USA

Here are the best used messaging apps in USA:

Sms App
In the USA, it is actually ordinary to have a phone with a package that includes unlimited SMS. The need to text abroad is really limited particularly when comparing to the European Union, a place people have nearby relations amidst countries. But in so many countries, WhatsApp has completely eliminated normal text messages. In the US, there has never been any drive to stop using SMS but yet the number its users keep reducing.

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  • Whatsapp App

WhatsApp was not really popular in the united states. A lot of Americans didn’t know about it until Facebook bought it in the year 2014. However, with time its users started increasing and it became the market leader globally. Many Americans always use WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends abroad.

  • Facebook Messenger

Apart from the normal text message, many Americans also make use of Facebook to send messages. With the mixture of Facebook messenger and SMS, you can be able to communicate with almost everyone you want to communicate with.

  • Message App

Messaging apps like WhatsApp can be used for all devices, meanwhile, apps like Apple’s iMessage are made for only one provider.

Nevertheless, iPhone users are constantly increasing in the US. A lot of teenagers prefer to use iMessage to other apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. to communicate with their friends.

  • Best Message Apps In Britain

For the past 2years, WhatsApp has increased its user base with 20% and has almost gotten to 70% of the British population. This unimaginable rise is particularly remarkable seeing the little decrease of YouTube and the little increase of Facebook users.

These are the most popularly used apps in the USA. You can get all of them online, depending on the gadget or device you are using. For Andriod, visit Google Play Store Here