Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World –  Who Are The Most Powerful Countries In The World? who are the countries that mattered that can be classified as World that influenced the global outlook? Then you have to know the most powerful countries in the world presently and in the future.

Most Powerful Countries In The World

These are countries in the world policymaker behind the major world decision and the economy flow.

These rankings study model was developed by comparing the countries influence on the world stage. This project team was headed by Professor David Rubinstein of the Wharton


School of the University of Pennsylvania and the metrics used were 65 attributes grouped into nine sub-rankings of Adventure, Citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers, business openness, power and quality of life.


These sub-ranking scores are weighted and scored on a scale that ranked the countries. 80 world countries were used in the study project,

These 80 countries are responsible for 95% of the world domestic product and contain 80% of the world population with a total of 21,117 individual from 36 countries in 4 continents of Africa, America, Asia, and Europe engaged in the survey.


The demographics of these individuals are the educated elites that are current with world events, business policymakers, and the general public of at least 118 years of age.

THE POWER RANK is one of the nine sub-rankings used to calculate the best country report. The power rank contains 5 of the 65 attributes considered in the survey.

The attributes categorized as the power rank include a leader, economic influence, political influence, strong international alliance, and military strength.

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World

These ranks constitute 7.42 % of the total ranking score. The top ten (10) most powerful countries in the world are now the countries that have the highest score on the power rankings.

These countries are:

1. The United States Of America

The United States of America, nicknamed the Big Sam is a country on the North American continent is the world’s third-largest country by the population of over 300 million and 4th in size with over 9.6 million kilometers of the landmass.

United States of America is a federal republic with 50 states, a federal district, Washington D.C, 5 territories, and 9 minor islands that became an independent state from the United Kingdom in 1776.

The United States of America is bordered to the North by Canada, South by Mexico, and the east by the Pacific Ocean, and the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

The United States of America is a major decider in world policy from economy to security to culture. As the most racially diverse nation on earth with massive immigration into the country before been stemmed by Donald Trump’s current foreign policy stance,

Her influence spread across the face of the world economically, politically, culturally The United States is a capitalist economy with a GDP of 18.3 million USD.

The election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States has brought in a strong leader who had been able to stamp her authority over threatening nations with some decisive decisions taken in different countries.

With 3.3% of its GDP spent on military expenditure, the US has a powerful influence on world security with military allies with South Korea, Japan, UK, Israel, and others. The US.

The United States is a heavy exporter of technology, military weapon, and music-jazz and rap culture and been the home of the prestigious University of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The country is a major nuclear power and has veto power on the United Nations security council.

2. Russia

Russia is the major successor of the Soviet Union’s disintegration in 1991. It is the largest country by landmass boasting of over 17 sq. km and a population estimated at over 144 million.

Russia is a country found in the Eurasia region i.e. Most parts of eastern Europe and all the northern parts of Asia. Russia stretches across 11-time zones of the world with the capital in Moscow.

The country is another Nuclear power and spends over 5.4 of its GDP on military expenditures. The country is a permanent member of the United Nations security council and has a veto right on the council and other global organizations such as G-20, Council of Europe, World Trade Organization.

3.The People Republic Of China

Currently the third most powerful country in the world, China, A nation birthed in 1949 with the second-largest landmass and the most populous country in the world record with a population of over 1.3 billion people.

CHINA, is a socialist country with a market-based economy rated the second largest economy in the world with a GDP of 11.2 trillion USD. The country is a major exporter of technology and services to the world.

The country is another major nuclear power and a permanent member of the United Nations security council and has a veto right and is also a member of other global organizations such as the World trade organization.

4. Germany

Germany is a European giant with influence dating back to 19th century when states were unified as German empire in 1871, the empire was responsible for the 2 major wars of the 20th century known as the first and second world war.

The fall of Hitler Germany was the beginning of the cold war that split the country into East Germany and West Germany before been UNIFIED IN 11991.

The country is presently the most populated country in Europe with a population of 82 million. It boasts of the second-largest economy in Europe with a GDP of $3.5 trillion with

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is located on the north-west coast of Europe occupying the whole landmass called Great Britain which comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The capital is in London.

The United Kingdom is the exporter of technology, industry, pop culture, and majorly the English Language which is the official global language. The United Kingdom GDP is put at with 1.8% of the GDP spent on military expenditures.

The United Kingdom is a nuclear state and a permanent member of the United Nation security council and the closest ally with the united states.

6. France

France  is the 6th on the list of the most powerful countries in the world, France, a romantic country in western Europe, with Paris as the capital. France is famed for its wine and its beautiful architecture.

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France economy is a mixed economy with a GDP put at 2.5 trillion, France is the second-largest economy in Europe based on purchasing power parity and has a considerable international al influence especially in Africa.

France is a permanent member of the United Nations security council and has a veto right. France is a nuclear state and has the fourth largest nuclear weapon arsenal in the world.

7. Japan

Japan is an island nation in Asia with the capital in Tokyo. The country is a leady technology nation in the world and boasts of the 3rd largest economy in the world with 4.9billion USD. Japan is a major exporter of heavy equipment, electronics, car, culture.
8. Israel

Coming in 8th on the most powerful countries in the world, The state of Israel, a tiny Jewish country in the Middle East that came into existence on 14th May 1948.

The economy of Israel a technology-driven economy with cut edge technology in communication, life science, and software. And boast of a GDP of 318.76billion USD for a population of just above 8.5million people.

The state of Israel is the most advanced country economically and industrially in the Middle East and Western Asia. The country has the highest number of scientists, engineers per 10,000 employees in the world.

The country is a major religious center for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The capital of the country is Tel-Aviv and the disputed Jerusalem.

9. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the capital of the Arab nation and the Muslim world with the two most holy centers of the religion located there.

Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. Saudi /Arabia is a major leader in the region and is referred to as a middle power.

Saudi Arabia has the sixth largest military budget and the second-highest military arm as an importer. The economy is oil and gas-based with a GDP of 646.6 billion USD for a population of over 32 million people.

Saudi Arabia is a member of the world trade organization, a founding member of the Organization of Petroleum exporting countries, and the only Arab country among the G-20 economies’

10. United Arab Emirates

This country, United Arab Emirates, is a country of seven emirates in the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. The UAE economy is the most diversified in the Gulf cooperation council with a GDP of 348billion USD for its above 9 million population.


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