Premier League Fixtures From June 17th To 22nd

Premier League Fixtures:  Following the Coronavirus breakdown  and possible decrease, the English premier  league has set to commence  from June 17th To 22nd.



Premier League Fixtures From June 17th To 22nd

At last, premier league is back to base after the suspension of the league’s due to the pandemic virus. It’s really going to be fun because a lot is being expected from Chelsea and Manchester United Who are at logger heads due to fight for the 4th position. However, Liverpool on the other hand has no competitor because of there clear point difference in the position of the English League table.

Judging from the match fixtures above, it looks quite interesting as Aston Villa Will be facing Sheffield United. the second place Manchester city city will be facing Arsenal FC.

The Norwich will be facing Southampton, Watford will be facing Leicester City, Rotten ham Will be facing Manchester united. West harm will be facing wolves, Everton will be facing Liverpool.

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With the remaining Premier league features indicating the clubs Liverpool will be facing. Why we brought this up is to ask you do you think Liverpool will loose in any of these matches state your reason for that. If they will loose or win.

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