EPL Reopen Again After Coronavirus Outbreak.

EPL Reopen
EPL Reopen – Fresh reports have it that English Premier League clubs have voted for the season to restart on Wednesday, June 17 with Arsenal facing off with Manchester City at the Etihad.


EPL Reopen

According to SunSport, the new fixture upon return will also see Aston Villa take on Sheffield United in the first games back after the break.


Plans were in place for the season to resume on Friday 19 June, but the Telegraph claim that has been scrapped.

Two matches will be played on the Wednesday to make all of the clubs in the league level on 29 games.


One match is then expected to be played on the Friday before a full round of fixtures across the weekend.


It was also gathered that Premier League chiefs are working on an idea in which the season will ends latest August 2.


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Premier League organisers might have concluded plans to play the remaining 92 games in the 2019-20 season within 35 days.

The English topflight was originally scheduled to end in May, but the widespread and the havoc caused by deadly coronavirus has changed everything.

According to Sport Bible quoting The Telegraph, each team might be forced to play twice in a week and behind closed doors to ensure that they properly end the season.

As it stands, most teams have nine matches left to play except for a couple of clubs which have played one game lesser than their counterparts.


Plans to show all the games on TV is on the front burner since the fans will not be allowed into any match venue in the heat of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Opera earlier reported that they are return of the suspended Premier League season as earlier thrown into another uncertainty after four more people from top clubs were tested positive for coronavirus.

Premier League chiefs recently ordered for the third round of testing where four more people have been confirmed as carriers of the virus which is not a good one for the English topflight.

But according to the report on Sky Sports, the identities of these four have not been revealed as no one can really tell if they are players, officials or staffs of the Premier League clubs.

Fourth round of tests is expected to commence on Thursday and Friday this week in which up to 60 people will be tested in each club.

More news on Epl reopen will come your way.


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