Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria 2023


Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and communities, and scholarships play a pivotal role in making higher education accessible to deserving individuals. In Nigeria, numerous scholarships are available in 2023, providing opportunities for students to pursue their dreams without the burden of tuition fees and other educational expenses.

This article explores some of the ongoing scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for 2023, shedding light on their eligibility criteria, benefits, and application processes.

  1. Federal Government Scholarships

The Federal Government of Nigeria offers various scholarship programs to support the education of Nigerian students at different levels. These scholarships include:

  1. Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) Scholarships: The FSB offers scholarships to undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. students studying within and outside Nigeria. These scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, and stipends.
  2. Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Scholarships: BEA scholarships provide opportunities for Nigerian students to study abroad in countries like Russia, China, and Turkey. They cover tuition, accommodation, and other allowances.
  3. c. Nigerian Award Scholarship: This scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Nigerian public institutions. It covers tuition and accommodation fees.
  4. State Government Scholarships

Many Nigerian states have their scholarship programs to support their citizens’ education. Eligibility criteria and benefits may vary from state to state.

Common requirements include being an indigene of the state and maintaining a certain level of academic performance.

2. Oil and Gas Company Scholarships

Several oil and gas companies operating in Nigeria offer scholarships to support education in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.


These scholarships are often highly competitive and come with significant financial support. Some notable companies offering scholarships include NNPC, Shell, Chevron, and Total.

3. Foundation Scholarships

Various foundations in Nigeria have scholarship programs aimed at assisting students in need. These foundations often have specific criteria, such as focusing on students from disadvantaged backgrounds or those pursuing particular fields of study.

Notable foundations include the MTN Foundation, Jim Ovia Foundation, and Tony Elumelu Foundation.

4. Corporate Scholarships

Many Nigerian companies and organizations provide scholarships to students as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

These scholarships are diverse, covering various levels of education and fields of study. Examples include the NNPC/Chevron JV National University Scholarship and the Nigerian LNG Limited Scholarship Program.

5. Professional Bodies and Associations Scholarships

Certain professional bodies and associations in Nigeria offer scholarships to students pursuing careers in specific fields. For instance, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) offers scholarships to law students, while the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) supports engineering students.

6. Private University Scholarships

Private universities in Nigeria often offer scholarships to attract and retain talented students. These scholarships may include merit-based awards, need-based assistance, and special grants for outstanding performers in sports or the arts.

Application Procedures

While scholarship application processes may differ from one program to another, there are common steps you can follow to apply for most scholarships:

  1. Research: Start by identifying the scholarships for which you are eligible. Read through the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines for each scholarship.
  2.  Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and any other specific requirements outlined in the scholarship application.
  3. Complete Application Forms: Carefully fill out the scholarship application forms, providing accurate information. Double-check your entries to avoid errors.
  4. Write a Stellar Personal Statement: Craft a compelling personal statement that highlights your academic achievements, career goals, and why you deserve the scholarship.
  5. Submit Applications: Ensure you submit your scholarship applications before the specified deadlines. Late submissions may not be considered.
  6. Follow Up: Keep track of your application status and be prepared for any interviews or additional documentation requests.


In 2023, Nigeria offers a plethora of scholarship opportunities for students at various educational levels. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden of education but also pave the way for academic and career excellence.

Whether you’re a bright young student pursuing higher education or an ambitious professional seeking to advance your career, exploring these ongoing scholarships in Nigeria is a crucial step toward achieving your goals.

Scholarships are not merely financial aid; they are life-changing opportunities that can unlock your potential and contribute to the development of our nation. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities; apply for a scholarship today and take the first step toward a brighter future.


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