Naver Group Registration For Making Money – How To Deposit Funds Into Your Naver Wallet

Naver Group Registration For Making Money

Naver Group Registration For Making Money – As a member,you will be rationally remunerate as reward for completing tasks as like, comment, share, subscribe, watching appointed videos on social networking platforms.

Naver Group Unite

Naver Group unite 10 million of members together towards a common goal: Earning money from the worldwide rich!

Naver is well designed for social media influences on social networking platforms such as TikTok,Facebook, YouTube,Instagram,we help to increase followers and enhancing their over online influence by making daily headlines.

Naver provides pre-paid charging services for customer longing to be “hot” on research, such bloggers, movies star, musicians,gamer, athletes,social celebrities and influential content creator across dozens of industries both exclusively and non- exclusively

Naver Group Registration For Making Money



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 Naver Unite Group Levels

  • Free VIP

Purchase Amount: 0 NGN
Daily Revenue: NGN 80
Daily Task Number:1
Complete Task Number:1
Required Balance:NGN800

  • VIP 1

Purchase Amount:NGN880
Daily Revenue: NGN200
Daily Task Number:2
Required Balance:NGN3000

  • VIP 2

Purchase Amount:NGN6000
Daily Revenue: NGN 1050
Daily Task Number:5
Required Balance:NGN14000

  • VIP 3

Purchase Amount:NGN20000
Daily Revenue: NGN3870
Daily Task Number:9
Required Balance:NGN50000

  • VIP 4

Purchase Amount:NGN 40000
Daily Revenue: NGN 7800
Daily Task Number:10
Required Balance:NGN100000

  • VIP 5

Purchase Amount:NGN 80000
Daily Revenue: NGN 16500
Daily Task Number:15
Required Balance:NGN200000

How To Deposit Funds Into Your Naver Wallet

👉On your dashboard, click on Deposit.
👉Enter an amount to be deposited
👉Click on Bank card transfer.
👉Write down the Beneficiary name, Beneficiary account number, and the Bank name.
👉Minimize the app
👉Go to your bank app and make transfer of the specific amount of money to the bank account details you copied. (Make sure you transfer the money to the correct account details).
👉Generate the receipt of the transaction you made. You can alternatively take a screenshot of the receipt.
👉Maximize the Naver app.
👉On the Remittance account name section, write the depositor’s or sender’s name.
👉Click on tap to upload the transfer screenshot, select the screenshot receipt, and wait until it’s fully uploaded.
👉Finally, click on Submit, and wait until it displays Submitted successfully.
👉You can then relax patiently until your wallet is being top-up

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