Loft Credit Card Login – How to Activate Loft Credit Card

Loft Credit Card Login

Loft Credit Card Login – We wish to show you all the rewards accredited to cardholders of Loft credit card. For you to enjoy and embrace these rewards, you must get hold of the credit card first.

Loft Credit Card

Loft credit card rewards includes the 15% off you will receive when you open a Loft credit card at Ann Taylor store, Loft store,, or at website and also start using the card immediately.

Get ready to embrace $5 rewards when your card fetch you up to 500 points after purchases. Moreover, every Tuesday, you are assured of earning additional 15% that will serve as bonus from purchases done online. Above all, this card is activated at both Ann Taylor and Loft online stores. All that matters is that you have details pertinent to your card.

From there, setup an online account that will assist you to enjoy the rewards more. Meanwhile, let us see most of Loft credit card rewards that benefits the most.

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Loft Credit Card Rewards

Aside from the fact that you can easily consult your credit card through a personalized online platform, there is more to that.

These rewards are seen below:

  • Earn points when you purchase at Ann Taylor or Loft stores.
  • Use your card online so as to pay for a rendered online purchase.
  • Moreover, a $5 reward is the minimum reward that will ever emanate from Loft credit card.
  • Finally, enjoy an experience of free shipping when a cardholder order for a purchase from Loft store or via the Loft online store.
  • An account in Loft that its password is forgotten can be easily rectified provided that the online account is ready to accept the command.

Now that you have a foresight of Loft credit card, review the steps taken when a card is applied. That said, we are intending to showcase to our readers how to apply for Loft credit card.

Loft Credit Card Online Application

Apply for this amazing card which is an All Rewards credit card at Comenity bank website. In case you cannot locate the website, proceed the application procedure when you recognize the application steps shown here.

  • Launch an internet web browser to go to
  • Locate the “Apply Now” button at the right side of the page so that the application will proceed.
  • Start the application when you view the application page.
  • Insert all required details properly on their columns so that your details will be used in getting the credit card started.
  • After that, await for an approval SMS that will attest to activation of the credit card.


Loft Credit Card Login -How to Activate Loft Credit Card

Loft credit card activation takes place online because it is a process of signing up an online account for your card.

Log onto the online website to register for an online access with your card details. At this point, you will have every service at your fingertips.

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