How To Know Who Is Blocking Me On Facebook – Who Blocked Me On Facebook


How to Know Who Is Blocking Me On Facebook– By blocking a user, you deny the user access to all interactions on Facebook. Blocking a Facebook user is one of the most effective tools at the disposal of each person using Facebook to deny one or more people access to their private lives on Facebook.


Know Who Blocked Me On Facebook

On the receiving end, when someone blocks you, you do not get a notification and it is hard to recognize if you were blocked, removed by friends or if your friend has actually deleted his/her account, or if that profile has actually been disabled/banned from Facebook.


You wonder how then do you find out exactly what took place? Is it possible to find out who blocked me on Facebook? Yes, and today we’ll show you how easy that is with this article.

How to Know Who Is Blocking Me On Facebook

To start with, we need to clarify two things. Getting rid of a friend and blocking a friend are 2 different things. If someone has actually deleted you from being friends with them, you could still see his profile but when somebody has actually blocked you, you do not see anything, you cannot even discover the individual on Facebook.
The best ways to find out who has blocked you on Facebook

The first step to take is to try to locate his name on Facebook to confirm if he/she has blocked you. If you do not locate the profile even attempting the name there might be a glitch. Try to seek the list via friends, check through the friends’ list of your common friends on Facebook. If you still do not find the person there can be 3 reasons for this.

  1.  Your friend has blocked you.
  2. Your friend has actually removed his profile.
  3. The account of the person has been deleted (directly by him/her or by Facebook following an offense of Facebook Terms)

To be sure it’s because of the first factor. Let us consider these approaches:


Step 1

Check-in messages if you have a discussion with this person (likewise in chat) try to find them from the messages page as well as expand the discussion.

The image of the person will certainly show the default Facebook image (the white rundown on blue background), but exactly what we care about is the name. If the name of the person is black (in strong) and cannot be clicked to view the account, then almost certainly, your friend has blocked you on Facebook.

You can also attempt to send out a message to the user, Facebook will return an error. This is due to the fact that the block avoids sending and also receiving new messages from both users.

Step 2

One more way to find out if a customer has blocked you on Facebook is to open a conversation with your good friend as well as aim to report it as spam. Re-open the message page and also the discussion with the user. From the ellipsis option on the top right of the gear “Actions” choose “Report spam or abuse …”

From the new window that opens after that choose “Record several individuals in the conversation for harassment or hazards, or to have an endangered account.” As well as click OK. If this option pops up “Operation restricted” to the right of the name of the friend, then it indicates they have actually blocked you

Step 3

This other technique can be deployed when you have no shared messages (chat or messages) on Facebook with the person you think blocked you. Nevertheless, at the very least we need to know his username.

The username is the link that Facebook immediately designates to every account. If you attempt to see any kind of account on Facebook you will certainly discover that the URL is


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Aim to seek the individual’s name on Google (search for “+ name + last name Facebook”). If you locate the LINK to his/her profile, then attempt to visit it and you will see the error message “The web page you requested was not found.”

Note the username you locate on the LINK, now check out the link Change “username” with the username your friend and press Enter. This is a tool that provides some details regarding any user, web page, application, and also object on Facebook.

If you can see the user info (such as id, name, given name, last name, username, and so on.) Then the individual is existing and also active on Facebook and sorry, you have actually been blocked.

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Step 4

The simplest, as well as the most noticeable approach of all, is to ask a mutual friend if he could access the account of the individual you think have actually deleted you. If the account is accessible by your friend then you have been blocked.

Let us know if you encountered such problem, using the comment box below.


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