How To Travel Canada From USA

How To Travel Canada From USA

How To Travel Canada From USA – This guide has been prepared for those who intend to travel to Canada from the U.S.A. We will touch on the reasons for travel, the requirements which will usher us into visa processing, travel restrictions, and how you can get started on your journey.

How To Travel Canada From USA

With the obvious and rising numbers in the spread of the Omicron variants, the travel restrictions and entry requirements of many countries are changing gear per time.

Unfortunately, Canada, known to be the land of immigrants, is one of these countries. As someone who is currently in any part of the United States of America and intends to travel to Canada in 2022, it may seem quite overwhelming to wrap your head around the process.


Before we dive into all that, it is important that the primary thing first know as you currently reside in the U.S. is the latest general travel restrictions placed on Canada by her government, that is, one that is still in effect as we speak.

What are the latest Travel Restrictions for Canada?

In the fall of 2021, precisely in early December, it was made known by the Canadian government that visitors from the United States are permitted to travel in and out of the country with the precondition that they are fully vaccinated. There was no exception of this requirement as per the means one intends to use for travel – whether by air, land, or sea.

This, at the time, coincided with the 350 reported cases of the Omicron variant confirmed in Canada, and the numbers were speculated to rise over time.

Shortly before this time, visitors from selected African countries were not allowed to enter Canada through any means. These countries include Botswana, Egypt, and South Africa.


Fortunately, the restriction was loosed around early December 2021.

Currently, foreign nationals, including individuals coming from the United States of America, are permitted to enter Canada for leisure travel. However, the lifting of this ban was provided under a certain condition, which we shall look at right away.

Requirements to travel Canada from the USA

The vaccination and proof to show you have engaged in the exercise is now a must-have requirement for entering destinations like Canada.

In other words, for all types of entry or exit from Canada, including one that involves an individual from the U.S., is required to prove to have shown he partake in such exercise except in cases where the travel can not do such due to medical problems.

Secondly, proof of a negative molecular test (PCR) taken within 72 hours of your scheduled flight to Canada will be required as one who is coming from the U.S.

P.S.: Please note that some tests are not accepted, as the Rapid antigen tests.

Now, travelers who intend to enter Canada from the U.S.A. using a car, bus, boat, ferry, or train are not exempted from the requirement of presenting proof of a negative test taken in the U.S.

This test should have been taken, at most, 72 hours after your planned entry into Canada.

In addition, travelers from the U.S. who plan to enter Canada for leisure travel or any other purpose must submit their information into the ArriveCan app or website.

While filling the form therein, you’d be asked to provide proof of vaccination as well as contact, travel, and quarantine details.

To this effect, travelers who fail to meet these requirements before entering Canada are usually denied or hindered from entering the country (if they are traveling by land) or denied entry into the plane.

It is also important that I mention that, since last year, precisely at the fall of December, the Canadian government enshrined pre-arrival testing requirements for travelers coming into the country for short trips.

However, whichever visa you have applied for influences your number of days for stay. You will be required to receive a negative PCR test result before coming into the country.

How do I move to Canada from the U.S. as a permanent resident?

Now that you have a fresh update on how travel restrictions and requirements are currently playing out for U.S. travelers who want to enter Canada, we can now get down to the process involved in how you can go about your travel

Now, for those in the U.S. who want to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident, the one true conceivable way is via the country’s Express Entry system

Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

What is Canada express entry?

This is a window of immigration opportunity into Canada through which most Canadian immigration applications are processed as per the three available economic immigration programs offered by the country.

In other words, one can be eligible to attain the Canadian permanent resident from the U.S.A. through the express entry program, provided that they have qualified for one of the following programs under this system.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (F.S.T.)
  • Canadian Experience Class (C.E.C.)

Before you make any decision to know which of these programs suits your intended travel reason as a permanent residence in Canada, I recommend you go through what the immigration government of Canada is currently saying about the three programs.

Can a U.S. permanent resident work in Canada?

If the core motive for you moving to Canada from the U.S.A. revolve around work, then it is right to examine the types of work permit in Canada available to you depending on the situation.

Currently, the Canadian government offers the following work permit entry for foreign nationals

  • NAFTA Work Permits
  • Employer Specific Work Permit
  • Spousal Open Work Permit


So far, we have touched on current updates essential for all U.S.A. travelers who intend to travel to Canada today.

We have also looked into the latest travel restrictions and requirements and the current window through which people in the U.S.A. can attain Canada’s permanent residence permit and work permit.

As we draw the curtain, the Cost of migrating to Canada from the U.S. has been one of the most asked questions by individuals who intend to come into Canada.

This revolves around the Government processing fees that are usually paid along with the submission of visa applications.

And the Processing fees are not usually the same as determined by the immigration program you are eligible for.

Generally speaking, applying for permanent residence usually attracts a $490 fee called RPFR (Right of Permanent Residence fee), while applying for a Canadian work permit can cost around $155.

You can check the official Canada immigration website here to find out more about the Cost of your immigration processing fees.

Good Luck!!!

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