How to Recover Your Lost Grams in Gramfree Platform

How to Recover Your Lost Grams in Gramfree Platform – In Gramfree, you accumulate grams which is cash out as a real money. If you lost any gram, read this article to recover it back.


GramFree Website

GramFree is presented as an online program that rewards its users with the cryptocurrency Gram that runs on the TON blockchain, which was created by Telegram.

Telegram is a popular messaging platform and it created TON to enhance its platform with blockchain technologies.

GramFree allows you to earn Gram tokens by doing simple tasks, such as watching or creating videos, signing smart contracts, participating in a lottery etc. You can increase your earnings by referring other people to GramFree.

As its name suggests, GramFree is free, so you supposedly don’t need to deposit any money and you can start earning Grams right away. Grams can then be converted to dollars or other fiat currencies.


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Ways To Lost Your Grams

There are several ways and reason one can lost his or her grams from the site. Gramfree cannot hid or take your grams. Your activities on the site can only make you lost them.

1. Login or Sign in Your Account: One can lost his or her grams through signing in. Signing in to your account requires choosing the correct platform used in signing up your Gramfree account. For instance, if you signed up with Facebook and you choose Gmail when signing in your grams will be lost.

2. Win -win – roll: This is also another ways to loss grams, if you want to check the green colour at the win win roll. if it is in other way round when you roll, your grams will be deducted base on the number range you get.


How to Recover Your Lost Grams in Gramfree Platform

3. Lottery: Playing Lottery with grams to get more can also make you loss your grams. It is not necessary that you can play lottery before you earn. Grams lost in lottery can not be recovered again unless you win which is very rare.


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How to Recover Your Lost Grams in Gramfree Platform


==> Make sure you sign in with your account either Gmail or Facebook. if you did not see your grams, just check to know whether you mistakenly signed in with wrong account.


==> Make sure you check very well and see that the Win win roll is on the right track before clicking on roll button.

How to Recover Your Lost Grams in Gramfree Platform


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