How to Miss Bradal Satin on Flair

How to Miss Bradal Satin on Flair

How to Miss Bradal Satin on Flair – Every little girl dreams of the day she will walk down the aisle and marry her Prince. Now that the time has come for your dream to come true you need to find a wedding dress that’s perfect and unique to you. If you find that dress that’s almost perfect but missing a little something, don’t fret. Brides all over the world use these simple tricks to add flair to their wedding gowns and you can too!


How to Miss Bradal Satin on Flair

8 Unique Ways to Add Flair to Your Wedding Dress



1. A Piece of Art

Take a page from Angelina Jolie’s book and get your kids in on the fun. Several designers will allow you to participate in creating your dream gown, adding treasured drawings and poetry created by your kids.

2. Choose a Theme


Having an outdoor wedding at the family barn? Toss a plaid button up over your wedding dress. For a beach themed wedding pair a seashell headband with a willowy satin gown.

3. Flash Back to a Different Era

Weddings set in a different era give you the perfect opportunity to add a touch of flair to your dress in a simple way. Opt for a short flapper style dress with added fringe or throw on a leather jacket and boots for an 80s themed wedding.

4. Tie It All Together

Adding a colored sash, ribbon, or lace around your waist is a simple, yet elegant, way to add your own twist to your gown. You could also weave a colored ribbon through a corset style wedding dress or braid it through a wire headband.



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5. Don’t Be Traditional, Be Original

You’ve seen the traditional white wedding dress time and time again. Why not make a bold statement in a different shade? Many brides choose blush, champagne or rose gold for their dress. These colors are great options if you’re desiring a unique look that isn’t over the top.

6. Add a Touch of Glam

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day! It’s your big day after all. Who’s to say you can’t go a little wild with the rhinestones and sequins once you get your wedding dress home?

7. Airbrush or Dye Your Gown

To add your own special touch to your wedding dress you can airbrush either the bodice or the bottom of the skirt. It’s such a fun way to incorporate a touch of color into your bridal gown! Don’t limit yourself here; feel free to go wild and add two or three different colors that “spill” into each other.


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8. Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Some of the most gorgeous and unique wedding dresses have been custom created by the bold women of the world who have mastered the art of crocheting, knitting or sewing. One bride, living with pain from spinal surgery, took a very practical approach to designing her two-piece wedding gown. Instead of purchasing two separate dresses for the event she was able to create a multilayered ensemble with a removable skirt that revealed a shorter version of the same dress.


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