How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 | iMessage on Windows Download

How to Get iMessage on Windows 10

How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 – However, in this article, we will show you some tricks in which you can use to text messages with iMessage on Windows. But first, you need to learn how more about the iMessage service.

How to Get iMessage on Windows 10

Consider the scenario, everyone with the iPhone and MacBook enjoys access to the iMessage which allows you to communicate with friends and family. But the fact is that iMessage isn’t compatible with Windows 10 devices.

Furthermore, Apples doesn’t offer members with cloud-based solutions compare to the Android devices where you’re allowed to load up a webpage and respond to texts. As a matter of fact, the iMessage messaging app is a closed system that requires an Apple device to connect with what that matters to you. But there is a method in which you can use the iMessage on a Windows 10 PC through the use of Chrome.


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How to Set Up the iMessage for iPhone

One of the compatible Apple devices in which you can use the iMessage is on the iPhone devices. In the higher version of the iPhone devices, you don’t need to install the iMessage app to open an account. But for the lower version, you can install the iMessage app from the App Store.

  • Navigate the App Store app on your iPhone.
  • Then, search for the iMessage app and Get.
  • Also, you can access the Settings App.
  • Click on your Apple ID account and select icon.
  • Then, you can turn on the iMessage.

That’s how to install or download and set up the iMessage app on your iPhone devices. Afterward, you can move to the MacOS devices in which you can also access the iMessage messaging app on the various version of the macOS.


How to Set up the iMessage App for MacOS

  • Access the Message app from the following feature, Dock, Launchpad, or desktop.
  • Next, you need to sign in your Apple Account with your ID and password.
  • Afterward, verify your account with the verification code.
  • Location the App Menu bar and select Message.
  • Then, select the option Preferences and click on the iMessage tab.

Afterward, you can enable your account and the message in iCloud if you want to. Then, you can activate your account by entering your phone number and email address. Finally, you can select where you want to start a new conversation.

How to Set up iMessage Chrome for macOS

Now that, your iMessage account is set up and running the next thing you need to do is download the Google Chrome for macOS. This allows you to make use of the iMessage app on Google Chrome.

However, you need to use Chrome 72 for macOS using the following step;

  • Download Google Chrome for the App Store.
  • Next, access the Chrome by signing in to your Google Account.
  • Then, you need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
  • Next, enter the URL chrome://apps on the web browser and click the Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • In the pop-up windows you can then click the option Get Started.
  • Follow the rest instruction and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.

In addition, during the process you will be provided with the instruction you need to follow on the home screen where you can create your PIN and other necessary requirements to set up the iMessage app for Chrome on macOS.

How to Set up the iMessage for Windows 10

On the contrary, this is another shortcut in which you can use to set up the iMessage app on the macOS set up which doesn’t need the host component. if you don’t have Google Chrome, you can install the application and sign in your Google account.

  • Next, you can download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension using the Chrome Web Store.
  • After installing the app, you can enter the chrome://apps on the web address and select the option Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Next, click Get started located under the option of My Computers.
  • Then, click on the MacBook and enter your PIN number in which you created on the MacBook.

Finally, you can set up a window streaming of the Mac desktop on your Windows 10. Then, you can follow the iMessage website on the chrome browser to access the messaging app from your PC


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