How To Fill Your Nexit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan

How To Fill Your NExit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan

How To Fill Your Nexit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan – Nexit Biodata Training Form has be given to Nexit graduates at all the training venues across the nation, the form will give a proper assessment of what volunteers want to use the proposed FG CBN loan.

How To Fill Your Nexit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan

As we all know, the Npower Nexit training is on the course, over 200,000 disengaged volunteers from Batch A and B will be trained and given soft loans by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

To this end, all volunteers attending the training will be given forms to fill, this form will be used to understand how volunteers will make use of the CBN loan


This same form will be used to screen out volunteers who don’t have better plans on how to use the money allotted for them, it will be wise to follow this post to the very end

The Nexit Biodata Training Form, if filled properly, will give FG a proper understanding of the loan amount needed by volunteers. It is worthy to mention that, volunteers will not get the same amount

Second Batch Npower NEXIT Training To Starts on April-Umar Sadiya

Some will get higher CBN loans and disbursement if their business plans are intact


The Nexit program will be massive and training will be unique and different from the NYIF, batch A and B volunteers will be needed to revisit their Portal and do some necessary update

Of cause, not all batches A and B will get the Nexit Loan, this is because over 109,000 volunteers are already in Business-

As the Nexit CBN loan Portal is scheduled to reopen soonest, Make available the following document if you want to advantage over others

Make Sure you have an established business

Even if you don’t have an established business, partner with others like friends or family business

Ensure your business is registered with CAC-Batch A and B volunteers who have established their business and registered the business with CAC have upper advantage of securing the loan

Get a SMEDAN certificate for your Business if you can afford CAC.

So be at alert, the CBN NEXIT loan facilitated by FG is around the corner, there will be an update on this by the Humanitarian Minister

 To Fill Your Nexit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan;

This is the first part of the form to be filled out, you will supply all vital information about your very self; your name, home address, state of residence, mobile number Email, and others,


For those that already have a business to flourish, congratulations to you. You will be required the business name, address, location, email, account number, sector, year of operations, and stage, fill them correctly

Here, you will tell the numbers of equipment or assets the business has or may need; fill the names of the equipment, the quantity needed, and price and total amount.

Your Working Capital is the money that will be used to run the business, or it is the difference between your Current Assets and Current liabilities, ensure you state them correctly and place the accurate figure.

All business must be producing goods or rendering services, state clearly your goods or services produced or rendered as demanded above.

States your Assets, name them, value them at historical cost or landing cost, give their year of depreciation (reduction of economic service potential)

State your rival products or services clearly, the price, price difference, and products are very important.

This is the part you need t to be smart and cautious, while you should not give a large amount, state your quotation and total money you need for the business. Tell them when you will refund the loan and how you intend to refund.

our Business must have a SWOT Analysis-Strenght, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats, state them clearly, give less threat and weakness in your proposed business. You can give more positive vibes to your business and tell FG why you will succeed.

Use the comment box below for questions and contributions about how to Fill Your Nexit Biodata Training Form For Higher CBN Loan.

Good Luck!!!


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