How to Change My Age On Facebook

How to Change My Age On Facebook – When creating a Facebook account, we do make some specific mistake which we may should change in future. Some of us opened up a Facebook account as a newbie thus unknowing every little thing regarding

How to Change My Age On Facebook

If you should transform birthday information on Facebook, read this post meticulously to recognize How To Change My Age On Facebook. Facebook; occasionally we do not take the month of birth, date of birth as well as year of birth details serious therefore making a mistake by not filling up the correct year, month and date of birth.


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If you wish to change your birthday on Facebook, visit to your Facebook account with the proper login details. Click your Profile page, then click on upgrade information, click on get in touch with and basic information, now scroll down and modify birthday details, after that conserve changes. At the same time, you can comply with detailed instruction below to comprehend it much better.

To Change My Age On Facebook


1. If you intend to change Facebook birthday celebration details, log in to your Facebook account with the appropriate login details.

2. Go to your profile web page

3. Click “Update Details” switch below the cover image.

4. Click the “Call and also Basic Details” on the left sidebar.

5. Scroll to “Basic Information,” now you could edit your “Birth Day” or “Birth Year.”.

6. Click conserve modifications.


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