How to Change Facebook Language – Facebook Language Translation

How to Change Facebook Language

How to Change Facebook Language – Facebook comes in default English language have to create an avenue for non-English-speaking country’s to be full time participants of the social media platform hence the allowing of users to change their default language to their desired language so they can easily enjoy Facebook social media platform.

Facebook Language

Facebook being a global platform has to consider every community world wide when creating their page or platform. Hence, they created an avenue or a chance for non-English countries to change the language to their desired language. FB being noted as one of the most successful world wide companies need to be diverse.

Why Do Users Change Their Facebook Language?

With Facebook imputing over 100 languages in their language change side of settings, users can easily select from one of many languages to use their FB on and they can easily change it back to their original language if they mistakenly have selected the wrong language. This are the main reasons why users change their language.


Users mostly change their languages so they can use the Facebook social media platform more easily, users that aren’t native English language speakers can easily change the language to their Desired or native language hence they can enjoy Facebook social media platform to the fullest.

Facebook Language Translation

You can definitely translate post on Facebook just by clicking on Translation icon under the post if it not written on English Language.

Language is also a common change that happens in the world, as people move form one place to another their language change or as they interact with each other their language change. when older people interact with younger people, they don’t use the same diction or choice of words because the language has changed.



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Facebook language change actually comes as a way for users to interact with each other easily especially users who don’t understand English they can easily change their languages to what they understand and Facebook translate would allow for them to easily interact with each other, which helps them interact with each other.

How to Change Facebook Language

Because of the users of FB, they cut across all age groups so Facebook programmers actually try to make their setting and changes very easy so all changes they want to be made on FB are actually straightforward and easy, because of the type of users they have.

Follow the steps below to change language on FB;

  • Open web browser
  • Open and login into Facebook
  • Tap at the top right of Facebook.
  • Scroll down and tap Language.
  • Select the language you want Facebook to appear in.
  • Change it to your preffered language.


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