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    1. Dear Ahmed, kindly exercise patience you must be paid. It takes two to three weeks to get paid. If you didn’t go against the rules of the the game.
      Let us know if you have any questions.

      1. My name is anayo Udoka I have not been paid sence one month now my account number is 0026002356 unity bank Nigeria

        1. Dear Udoka,
          There are modalities for payment on Gramfree.
          The payment arrive using wallet address not bank account
          If you have filled bank account no way to pay you for now.

          1. Pls how can I retrieve my account, I forgot my password and it’s been almost 2yrs now

      2. How do I know that my money has been paid and secondly how long does it take for master card wallet to receive money from this platform called gramfree thanks

        1. Dear Uchenna,
          If you meet up the requirement, It take minimum of three weeks to be paid.
          If you are paid, it will enter your account. And it will display on the withdraw dashboard.

          1. Pls admin I have reach 500 grams about two months ago and my withdrawer method is skrill.(?) Can I use skrill in Nigeria or can I change it pls. I believe I we get my money. 💪

      1. Dear Mshabbir, thank you for contacting us.
        Kindly click the link in the page to join and earn money.

    2. Hello sir/ma,
      For almost a year now that I have made withdrawal of #500 and up till now I have not been paid.
      I almost reaching another limit for withdrawal.

      1. Has any of your videos approved? try make one and wait your money will come your way.

    1. Thank you for your question dear Emmanuel,
      Smart contract offers you 0.1 in each sign.
      The tricks there is you can leave the signin for some days.
      When you sign in it will look as if it is new.
      They will give you 10grams.

  1. Ebele Chibuzor
    admin. I don’t understand this, my total points was wiped and I found out that I started afresh. please I want those points back I beg u. I been keeping to the rules so I don’t get it I need urgent response

    1. Dear Ebele,
      Gramfree does not work that way unless you mistakenly click the roll free and you lost

  2. I don’t understand this, so what u are telling me is that I have lost all the points I have gotten, I didn’t click any thing, rolled and was given 10grams,then on next roll I was referred to face book to sign in which never happened cos I enter the page through crome ,when I finally got back all my points disappeared, let it be restored.

    1. Hello Ebele,
      All your Points are intact.
      What you will do is that you will login with your Gmail if you registered with it. But if you registered with Facebook then login with it. You will see your earned gram.

  3. Make sure you sign in with your registered account. Either Gmail or Facebook account

  4. I don’t understand this, so what u are telling me is that I have lost all the points I have gotten, I didn’t click any thing, rolled and was given 10grams,then on next roll I was referred to face book to sign in which never happened cos I enter the page through crome ,when I finally got back all my points disappeared, let it be restored.

    1. Dear Bodunrin, You will never loss your grams if you can follow my instructions.

    2. OK. Just login again with your registered email. Leave Facebook if you didn’t registered with it. Your grams are there.

    1. You can actually earn it when you register on gramfree. You can refer more than 200 people in a week and other daily task on the site.

  5. I have reached 500gram for more than 3months now and am not yet paid since i applied for payment. Please, what is going on? Why the delay? Am approaching another 500gram now and the first one hasn’t been paid. Please, pay me to encourage me to continue. Thanks

    1. Your cash will come to you at due time. Make sure you do the correct things.
      Try and do video to invite encourage others.

  6. This is my third month since I reached 500g and I submitted it through Visa card as instructed by you,I didn’t go contrary to your rules yet I have not received my money uptill now,are you sure that I will be paid?

  7. Hello sir,
    I have completed the task of 500 grams and withdraw on 24/06/21.
    But still pending. Please solve the problem and release the fund to my account.
    Thank you sir

    1. Dear Saralmary,
      The payment is turn by turn
      You will get paid when it is your turn.
      Try to do video and make sure you did not disobey the rules.

  8. Dear sir I’ve reach the total reguest 500gram but am not yet paid still pending for how long I should be patience please or if I don’t do video during the process I will not get paid,if so is not encourage at all.

  9. Admin admin administration. How do i edit my wallet address on gramfree pending balance 500g?

  10. Please admin my name is Michael Zinga from JOS Nigeria I have reach 500 grams and I have withdrawn four months ago up to now I have not received any payment in my account please what is the problems my email address is michaelzinga81@gmail.com for you to give me answer please because I have been waiting for the past four months

  11. My name is Vivian Ogola from Kenya. It took me one year to reach 500 grams. Such a long time with and it’s been because of struggling to get money to buy data. Now that I had high expectations it’s been one month and I haven’t received any money. The withdrawal is still telling me it’s pending. Please advise what’s going on! It kills me morally to keep rolling when I haven’t even got my money while other people are giving out testimonies.
    My Gmail account is sumbaviviane@gmail.com. kindly help.

    1. Just keep your hope high and be patience. Soon your cash will enter. Be positive. Many are still on the queue but one day you will give testimony.

  12. Alex Patrick agu my gramfree balance rich 500 gram since last years November and since then am been approved for withdrew al please gramfree do some things about it pls pls pls

  13. Hello there I have reached 500 gram and i used visa account is possible to me gate my pay

  14. I completed 500gm and sent for withdrawal which is pending since 25/12/21. What is the problem?

  15. Hello admin…I’m fadetole salako from nigeria, this is the second time am gonna withdraw from gramfree but am still yet to pay, please complete my pending status. Gramfree is not a fraudulent site, I knew this, because most of my friends that we started it together have seen their payments. If not for that, I would’ve quit doing it since my first withdrawal which was last year on the 2nd of july, which i withdrew into my visa card. And I did the same also in my second withdrawal which was on 11th of this year april…..I will be very glad if my complaint is looked with a merciful perspective. THANKS FOR YOUR ANTICIPATION.

  16. Bonjour mes dames et monsieur j’ai gagné les 500g je vais dans deux semaines et je suis pas encore payé j’aimerais savoir quand je vais avoir mon paiement sur ma carte visa merci.

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