1. Ahmed bube says:

    Sir and finish i get 500gram i inter no paid me

    1. Dear Ahmed, kindly exercise patience you must be paid. It takes two to three weeks to get paid. If you didn’t go against the rules of the the game.
      Let us know if you have any questions.

      1. Dear Mshabbir, thank you for contacting us.
        Kindly click the link in the page to join and earn money.

  2. Ugwoke Emmanuel says:

    How can I get 10 gram from smart contract

    1. Thank you for your question dear Emmanuel,
      Smart contract offers you 0.1 in each sign.
      The tricks there is you can leave the signin for some days.
      When you sign in it will look as if it is new.
      They will give you 10grams.

    1. Dear Mubarak,
      Thank you for your interest.
      Kindly apply from the link on the post.

  3. Ebele Chibuzor
    admin. I don’t understand this, my total points was wiped and I found out that I started afresh. please I want those points back I beg u. I been keeping to the rules so I don’t get it I need urgent response

    1. Dear Ebele,
      Gramfree does not work that way unless you mistakenly click the roll free and you lost

  4. Ebele Chibuzor says:

    I don’t understand this, so what u are telling me is that I have lost all the points I have gotten, I didn’t click any thing, rolled and was given 10grams,then on next roll I was referred to face book to sign in which never happened cos I enter the page through crome ,when I finally got back all my points disappeared, let it be restored.

    1. Hello Ebele,
      All your Points are intact.
      What you will do is that you will login with your Gmail if you registered with it. But if you registered with Facebook then login with it. You will see your earned gram.

    1. Make sure you sign in with your registered account. Either Gmail or Facebook account

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