Free Facebook Birthday Wishes – Best Facebook Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family

Free Facebook Birthday Wishes

Free Facebook Birthday Wishes – Best Facebook Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family. Sometimes you will find it difficult to post birthday wishes for your special friends on his/her birthday because you are in a haste or your mind is not at rest. Sometimes, you will be struggling with sending the appropriate birthday wishes. This page will definitely show you Free Facebook Birthday Wishes for your friends and family.

Free Facebook Birthday Wishes

Because we know that sometimes it is hard to send your wishes to your Facebook friends that is why we have crafted this wonderful set of wishes that you can send to your Facebook friends to let them know they’re appreciated.

Below are Birthday Messages for Close Friends on Facebook


  1. May the future bring you good wine, a bumper harvest, great health, prosperity, and many more beautiful things that money can’t buy. Happy birthday!
  2. May your wall and all those who visit it bear witness to how sweet and awesome you are to me, my dear friend. It’s amazing people like you that make the world go round. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
    Walls are traditionally for statuses, but today, may yours reflect your glittering heart of gold and your warmth. Enjoy this great day of yours to the fullest.
  3. Thanks to Facebook, the whole world can now see how generous and kind-hearted you are. May your generosity and kind-heartedness never go unrequited. Enjoy your day.
  4. To the world, this might look just like an ordinary wish, but to me, it’s a heartfelt message of goodwill to an old and irreplaceable friend. May God bless you abundantly. Happy birthday, buddy.
  5. Dearest friend, on your anniversary, it is my prayer that all the days of your life will be blessed to their brims and full of laughter and love. Happy birthday to you!
  6. May this great day on which you came into this world be as outstandingly beautiful as your life is. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  7. If I were to write on your wall all the amazing things you have done for me and keep doing for me, it would take forever. Here’s to many more years of generosity and intimate friendship. Happy birthday.
  8. Before your wall breaks down from an overdose of wishes, let me say that you make friendship a worthy and blissful adventure. Happy birthday.
  9. God bestowed upon me a truly great blessing when he brought you into my life. Enjoy this day to the max, my sweetest friend.
  10. Dear friend, it’s been a pleasure sharing my joys and disappointments with you. May our friendship endure the tides of time and blossom into the most beautiful thing on earth. Happy birthday to you.
  11. Investing time and energy into our friendship is always an amazing responsibility for me. I count myself lucky to have a friend like you who always goes out of his/her way to bring sunshine into my world. Enjoy your day.
  12. Friends like you make the world exceptionally beautiful. Thank you for always being by my side whenever the journey of life gets stormy. Enjoy this day.
  13. Happy birthday, dear friend! May this day and the future ahead bring you enormous joy, happiness, and good health.
  14. Today is an exceptional day for you, dear friend and I pray for many more accomplishments in your world. Wishing you many candles to blow!
  15. Happy day of birth, dear pal! I wish you everything that is amazing in this world and may this day be an enjoyable one for you.
  16. There are many days in a year, but today is a very peculiar one for you. Therefore you should enjoy it to the fullest. Have an incredible birthday, pal!
  17. I am glad to know that you are one year older today. I wish you all the best in this world. Wishing you many fruitful returns, dear pal!
  18. Congratulations on reaching a new age on this planet. I wish you a life that is filled with many beautiful things that are worth cherishing. Wishing you a peaceful anniversary, buddy!
  19. On this special day in your world, my prayer for you is that you enjoy all the favorite things that your heart desires. Have a joyful Big Day, friend!
  20. May your celebrations on this memorable day bring forth exceptional joy and uncountable blessings to you. Wishing you a peaceful anniversary, pal!
  21. Happy birthday, pal! May this unique day that is meant for you be as beautiful and awesome as you are.
  22. Here is to wishing you good luck and happiness on your birthday! Make merry and have a joyful day, dear pal.
  23. It is time to celebrate something unique because you have been blessed with yet another awesome year in your life. I wish you an incredible anniversary, dear friend!
  24. Today is another day in your life to be jubilant and proud because you are a year older. Enjoy this anniversary to the brim, dear pal.
  25. May this extraordinary moment be as unique as it can ever be. I pray for many more moments like this for you. Happy birthday to you, pal!
  26. Dear friend, I pray that the Lord Almighty will forever find numerous reasons to shower you with peace and joy as you commemorate this Big Day of yours.

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How To Make Your Friends Smile On Their Birthday

There are many ways to celebrate your friends on Facebook and give them the best birthday wishes that will make them feel honored and special on their special day, and we shall be discussing the various ways to go about these ways in this article.

  • You are posting on your friend’s timeline

One of the conventional ways of sending Facebook birthday wishes is to post your messages on the celebrant’s timeline.

On the celebrant’s Facebook timeline, click on the post icon and type your birthday wish in the text field provided, you can also wish to add a memorable photo or birthday video from your phone or computer gallery by tapping on the camera icon.

  • Use a Facebook reminder tool

You can set a reminder on your Facebook homepage for the day of your friend’s birthday to remind you to send him/her a birthday wish. Just click on the link and send a message, after composing the message, click on the publish button, and your message will automatically appear on your friend’s timeline.

  • Tagging the celebrant on your timeline

You may wish to celebrate your friend and send him/her the best birthday wishes on your Facebook timeline. Including their names when composing your Facebook birthday wish for them by typing in their names on your timeline, when you start typing their name, a drop-down menu should appear showing their full name, click on the name while composing the message and post it when you are done.

Both your Facebook friends and theirs will be able to see this post when you post it, provided they don’t have any restrictions on tags in their profile settings.

  • Sending them a private message

You can also wish to be discrete in sending your friend a Facebook birthday wish if you don’t want others to see the content of the message.

You have to send them a direct message either through Facebook messenger or by using Facebook inbuilt message tool by clicking on the message icon at the top of your Facebook page and compose your message.

Your friend will get the message directly into their inbox where only he/ she will be able to see it.

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