Facebook Cyber Crime – How To Stop Facebook Cyber Crime

How To Stop Facebook Cyber Crime

How To Stop Facebook Cyber Crime – Facebook cyber crime is a kind of criminal activity carried out by cyber criminals called Hackers. They apply knowledge of technology to have access to Facebook users’ personal information for manipulative and evil purposes.


Facebook Cyber Crime

Facebook Cyber Crime is one effect of technology that has affected our generation in the way we interact with people. Facebook has over 2 billion active users in recent statistics. This makes it an easy target for cybercriminals, taking advantage of the number and increasing the unusual cases of Facebook cybercrime.


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As regular Facebook users, it’s essential to know that Facebook cyber criminals are always looking for ways to manipulate information from users without their consent. This is why we shall be sharing with you, in this article, the various ways Facebook cyber criminals exploit information from Facebook users.

Popular Facebook Cyber Crime
  • Cyberbullying

This form of Facebook cyber crime is one that is common among teenagers and young adults, which is also punishable by law. It involves hacking someone’s Facebook password to get to their Facebook profile and doing whatever they want without the consent of the owner.

This form of Facebook cyber crime leads to depression and low self-esteem among teenagers, which may finally lead to suicide.

  • Scams

This form of Facebook cyber crime is one that has been around for a long time. Here, cyber criminals use different kinds of means to lure and convince Facebook users, primarily through an ad for sale. Once the user clicks on the link, they are usually enticed by the quality and write up of the page, without taking time to consider that it may be too good to be true.

Facebook users purchase this item by paying for it first, before receiving the package through home delivery, which in most cases, never tend to happen.

  • Identity theft

Advanced Hackers use this form of Facebook cyber crime on Facebook. They hack users’ account and steal valuable information that will be enough to clone that account. From there, begin to do suspicious activities or even have access to the person’s bank information which may lead to severe security issues.

How To Stop Facebook Cyber Crime

So what can you do to protect your personal data on Facebook?

1. Use difficult security questions for all your accounts

While it’s easy to remember your anniversary or favorite pet’s name, this information is easily available to anyone that can see your Facebook page, including cybercriminals. Instead, use questions only you know the answer to that you will easily remember, like “what was your third-grade teacher’s name?”

2.  Avoid posting every little detail

People who overshare on social media are more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Limiting how often you post also limits the personal information cybercriminals can easily find. In particular, avoid oversharing locations you frequently visit and personal data about yourself or your children (full names, birthplaces, etc.).

3.  Make sure all privacy settings are in place

Facebook offers a variety of security settings that can limit the information available to users who are not in your network of friends. Ensure these settings are activated on your account and avoid accepting requests from users if you have never met or have no mutual friends since it’s likely these are criminals trying to see your personal data.

4. Keep close tabs on your credit report

Even if you follow all these steps, there is a chance cybercriminals can access your personal information. By regularly monitoring your bank accounts and credit report for suspicious activity, you can report it and take steps to protect yourself before too much damage is done.

Check out other identity theft protection tips or stop by your local branch for more information.

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