Discover How to Redeem Bitcoin for Gift Cards

How to Redeem Bitcoin for Gift Cards

How To Redeem Bitcoin For Gift Cards – Gift cards also called gift vouchers or gift certificates are cards with prepaid stored-value money that can be used in place of cash for making purchases at a particular store or related businesses and these gift cards are issued out by retailers, Banks or even employers or organizations as rewards.

Redeem Bitcoin For Gift Cards

Bitcoin simply put, is a cryptocurrency which is basically a digital currency that is decentralized. In essence, this means that the digital currency, Bitcoin, is a computer-controlled transaction platform that has several large global high-performance networks processing all transactions.

With this, there are no particular figures, authorities, single administrator or even Central Banks rather transactions are facilitated by users on the particular network or node without an intermediary.


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Now, Bitcoin for gift cards is considered to be one of the easiest ways to give or gift a person, friend or family in this era of socialization were handing cash in an envelope at a gathering is viewed as inappropriate. Moreover, in this modern age where most things can be sent digitally and electronically the Bitcoin gift card, once payment is been made for it is mailed to the stated address of your choosing.

The recipients of these gift cards can opt to redeem the Bitcoin value of the gift card depending on the exchange rate at that particular period of time. However, with such portals, you can get the guides on how to create a personal Bitcoin wallet while being able to help the user with the redemption of the Bitcoin gift voucher.

How to Redeem Bitcoin for Gift Cards

Redeeming a particular stored value of Bitcoin for gift cards has been made a pretty self-explanatory process which only requires that the redemption should be done at particular stores or related businesses.

However, these redemption could be affected by factors such as added fees or expiry date even.


Below are some of the guide and general steps to redeem Bitcoin for gift cards;

  1. Go to the merchant site and create an account
  2. Advance to the “Buy” page on the merchant site.
  3. Select your Cryptocurrency to receive Bitcoin
  4. Choose a payment method
  5. Proceed to add the exact amount of your gift card code to redeem.
  6. Click on the “include fees” button
  7. Add your Cryptocurrency address OR Bitcoin wallet
  8. Proceed to payment and upon verification of your gift card code, your
  9. Cryptocurrency is immediately sent to you.

In all, Bitcoin for gift cards is an evolutionary way of giving out gifts that are considered a lot more socially appropriate than giving actual money. Even though it is still currency, it is however a digital one which means it cannot not be physically held.

Considering the fact that these gift cards can be emailed and converted to the stored money value in bitcoins makes it ever so easy and preferable in trying to stay in touch with your loved ones on their special day.


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